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If you're left-handed, you can choose to toggle to left-handed controls via the Option menu. The icons will switch to the right side of the Touch Screen when left-handed controls are selected.

Control Action
Stylus button Use the stylus on the Touch Screen to move the reticle to the desired position, to look around and to select options and actions.
Up dpad Double-tap to exit ADS mode and to sprint.
Down dpad Double-tap to change stance.
L button R button Fire buttons. Hold to cook grenades.
X button Double-tap and hold to sprint.
B button Double-tap to change stance.

Top screen[edit]

  • Crosshair: This is your aiming reticle. When cooking a grenade, the crosshair will pulse. At the end of the fourth pulse the grenade will explode.
  • Ammo Counter: Indicates how much ammo you have remaining.
  • Damage Indicator: Red marker appearing near the edge of the screen, indicating which direction damage came from.
  • Grenade Indicator: Shows the direction of the grenade in your proximity.
  • Hand Marker: This appears on screen when something is usable or available for pickup. When in close proximity to an enemy, the hand will change into a fist and melee action will be possible by pushing the fire button.
  • Mantle, Hand and Squad Icons: An icon will appear on the Touch Screen when you need to mantle an object, throw back grenades or mount a weapon.

Bottom screen[edit]

  • Weapon: Shows your currently equipped weapon. To switch weapons in your inventory, touch the weapon icon and drag the stylus to the desired weapon. When you pick up a new weapon, it will replace the weapon you currently have equipped. Touch the icon once to manually reload weapons that support it.
  • Compass: Displays location of enemies, allies and objectives.
  • Enemy Marker: Indicates the enemy's position on the compass (red).
  • Friendly Marker: Indicates friendly soldiers on the compass (blue).
  • Objective Marker: Indicates the location of the current objective (star or arrow).
  • Objective Direction: Displays the direction of the current objectives.
  • ADS Ribbon: Short for Aiming Down the Sight. Touch to toggle ADS mode on/off.
  • Grenade Icon: Touch the grenade icon on the left side of the screen to equip a grenade.