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This is a more basic walkthrough which can be printed and is more suitable for those playing the game on the easier levels or for those who have already completed the game a long time ago and are playing it again.

The Winter War — Red Army Training[edit]

  • Follow the Captain's orders

The Winter War — Demolition[edit]

  • Kill all in the warehouse
  • Step outside and take cover behind the walls and advance slowly
  • Go through the trenches and go upstairs when in the building
  • Pick up the sniper rifle and stop the advancing Germans
  • Advance slowly and get to the German HQ, the wall on the right will help.
  • Go upstairs and set the charges

Not One Step Backwards! — Repairing the Wire[edit]

  • Head inside the ruin on the right — there is the first wire
  • Mow through the Germans in the ruins and rooftops
  • Fix the next wire, head upstairs and fire at the barrels
  • Use smoke grenades to get to the end of the street and fix wire
  • Go right into the house, watch out for the Germans near the piano, climb up and fix the wire
  • Help your comrades out my using the MG-42 from the rooftop
  • Fix fifth wire, head across the planks and pick up Gewehr 43 to halt attack
  • Go downstairs, fix sixth wire and use phone in the second room from the left
  • Pick up the sticky bombs on the floor
  • Go outside using the left side of the room and use the sticky bomb
  • Head into the square and take out the first tank
  • Destroy all infantry and then stick a bomb onto the remaining tank