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All controls can be changed in the Options menu. The Xbox 360 controls are generally the same as the Xbox controls on Call of Duty 2: Big Red One as well as Call of Duty: Finest Hour.

Xbox 360 PC Pocket PC Description
Neutral lstick W, S, A, D D-Pad Move forwards/backwards and strafe
Neutral rstick Q, E Stylus button View/Lean
LT button PC Mouse Right Click.png N/A Aim
RT button PC Mouse Left Click.png Soft Button Fire
LB button 4 Center Button 4 Smoke grenade
RB button G Center Button 4 Grenade
A button Space N/A Jump
B button C N/A Crouch
B button Ctrl N/A Prone
X button R Soft Button 3 Reload
Y button 1/2 Hard Button Switch weapon
Start button Esc Pause Menu
L button B Stylus button Binoculars
R button Shift Center Button Melee
N/A F Stylus button Use