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The Battle Of Pointe Du Hoc (Xbox 360)[edit]

  • Pointe Du Hoc
  • 6 June 1944
  • Difficulty: 9 out of 10

Getting Up The Cliff[edit]

After landing, make your way off the boat.

It is the 6th June 1944, better known as D-Day. As soon as everyone leaves the boat, you should too. Quickly make your way to the base of the cliff and get on your hands and knees. At this point you've lost Sgt. Randall so crawl all the way along the beach following the star marked on your radar. If you crawl and stay near the cliffs you shouldn't get hit. You may also want to snipe the machine gunners giving your buddies a hard time.

Once you find Randall climb up the rope next to him. You'll be given a new objective and should keep climbing up. Don't worry - you can't be killed when on the rope or fall down, but be prepared to shoot any Germans when you leave the rope. After a long talk between Randall and a Private you'll be given new objectives. You'll have to get across the large open death trap in front of you. There are many ways to get across but this is just one.

The First Squad[edit]

Right next to Randall is a stone area with the remains of an AA Gun. Stand up behind the stone wall and face out and look at the battlefield. You should see a large turret like a gun which is annihilating every American soldier in its reach. It is controlled by two German soldiers that turn the turret and fire. Whip out your rifle and use the zoom. Shoot both of the Germans, although don't worry if you miss as the noise should frighten them both anyway. Then leave your position and run farther into the battlefield until you see a trench below you. At this point run back to your original sniping position and take out the Germans that are now charging towards you. It should be easy as you are now behind the wall. Once they are taken out you'll see the start of a trench on your right. Run across and enter the trench.

Note: if you follow the alternate strategy below then you do not need to take out the flak gun.

In The Trench[edit]

After the second bend in the trench you'll see one of your brothers being blown to smithereens. Quickly crawl on along the trench until you get to a junction. Take the right turn and continue crawling. Once you then turn left they'll be a lot of German troops above you. You could try taking them out by repeatedly standing up and firing, but it's risky.

Keep crawling along the trench and you'll meet two of your fellow American soldiers. One of them suggests you'll use smoke grenades to get across and seeing as that's the end of the trench you will have to do that. Timing and positioning of your smoke grenades is crucial. There is one guy shooting at you heavily from the left, and there could be some soldiers still alive to the right that will be firing. You'll watch your two mates jump out of the trench and immediately get killed. Now, while crouching, throw three grenades towards the star's direction. Space them out a bit but try and throw them one after another. Then wait- as soon as you see a lot of the smoke you'll need to start running towards the star. If the smoke starts to lift then you'll still have one more grenade left for an emergency.

Alternatively, as soon as you get to the top of the cliff run into the trench directly in front of you. As soon as you enter it crouch down and head directly forward, hugging the right side to avoid being shot. Follow this trench round. At the first left you will find two Germans, if they still live then dispatch them. Keep following the trench until you meet two American soldiers, who suggest throwing smoke grenades. Stop at the corner, just before the right turn, turn around and take out the Nazis above and to the left of you (they will be on the remains of a flak cannon). Then turn back to your original direction and follow that trench until you are almost at the end of it. Throw a smoke grenade towards the enemies directly in front of you (there should be an mg-42 atop some sand bags; this is the beginning of the second trench) and one towards the nearest gray bunker. As soon as it's smoky enough, make a mad dash for the trench with the mg-42 gunner killing him as you approach. Quickly go prone and there should be a check point. Wait for the smoke to clear, killing any enemies that come your way. Then carefully crawl your way through that trench. You should find several Germans on your way and eventually reach the end of that trench and the large gray bunker will be on your right. If you stand and look towards where the star is you will see several Nazis either waiting and shooting or charging towards you, and you can dispatch them.

The Bunker And The Checkpoint[edit]

At this point you will reach a bunker containing one German. You'll have to shoot him quickly as soon as you see him. Then get in the bunker and get down. Once the smoke lifts there should be a lot of your friends in a battle outside. At this point there are two ways to go: a long crawling route or a shorter shooting route.

For the former go to the body of the German and jump out of the bunker. To the left you should see another small trench. There are three soldiers in here, fairly spaced out, Shoot them. When you get to the end of the trench you'll be on the edge of the battlefield. Get out of the trench and get down into a crawling position. You should see a village in the distance. Head towards that - not the star. Keep crawling but keep looking left too in case you see any German soldiers. When the star is directly to the left of you on your radar, get up and run across the mound, your friends should be waiting for you there.

If you want to go for the shorter route then crawl out of the rear of the bunker. There are then two ways: one onto the battlefield and one to the right that goes down to some stairs. As soon as you look down, about five German troops will charge up the stairs. Use your Thompson to take them out. You'll have to be very quick. At this point you need to get to the other side of the wall. Don't be risky and jump over it, instead crawl round it. There should be two Germans behind sandbags and one in a crater behind them and a bunker. Get into the crater and then prepare for the final scurry across the battlefield. If you still have one last smoke grenade then use it now, but it's not too hard to get across and the only times you'll be shot will be from a distance.

If you got to the bunker by the other route (via the second trench) then simply head into the bunker, killing the gunner in there. Then exit out of the rear of the bunker. Four Germans will charge up the stairs to the right so be quick to kill them and/or duck back into the bunker and let them come to you. If you now look towards the star (car/crater) you should find several of your men waiting for you. Carefully make your way towards them.

The Battle of Pointe Du Hoc (PC)[edit]

  • Pointe Du Hoc
  • 6 June 1944
  • Difficulty: 9 out of 10

Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

While you're semi-unconscious, you'll see some terrible scenes of war.
COD2 PdH Unconscious 2.jpg
All this isn't even half the whole map.

After you listen to the banter of your squadmates for a while, the rockets will be fired, the enemy MGs will start firing, and total chaos will ensue: welcome to the most intense mission of Call of Duty 2. As soon as you step out the boat, it will explode, putting you into a semi-conscious state; you'll then be dragged by another soldier onto the beach and will watch some gruesome scenes. When your character finally stands up, switch over to your Thompson and start moving southeast until you find a rope that no one's climbing. Press F when you get near it, and hold W to climb. Don't worry about falling off or anything; until you get all the way up, you can't be killed.

First, snipe this gunner.

Once you're up there, a soldier announces that the guns you're here for have been moved. What seemed like a very difficult mission pretty much turns into suicide. Jump into the trench in front of you, and go forward, following the trench. After you've taken a left, you should see a MG nest to your right. Dispatch everyone there WITHOUT stepping up from the bunker, then cautiously climb up and lie prone so that you're covered behind the concrete MG nest just barely. This ensures that neither one of the two MG-42s (one in the bunker near you, another a bit further) or the huge turret gun to the west (which has to be taken out by an airstrike later on, by the way) can shoot you.

Even with smoke, you can suffer some injuries.

From here, you can do one of two things; either clear out the trench in the southwest where one of the MG-42 gunners is, or go for the bunker in the west where the other gunner is. The recommended approach is going for the bunker, since if you take that position your comrades will automatically take out the other one, but whichever path you take, you'll need to throw a smoke grenade between you and your destination to avoid getting shredded.

After clearing the bunker, get to the crater...
... and watch the fireworks.

When the bunker is clear, go further west until you come to a bomb crater where one of your men is calling for air support. This is to take out the huge turret in the distance (don't bother trying to take out its gunners yourself--they seem to be invincible, as three headshots with a sniper rifle doesn't affect them). After watching the fireworks, assault the tiny village that lies south.

This village is in for a fight.

It's best to stick with the others for a while--someone will set up a .30-cal in the east side of town, and you can commandeer that if you want. Shortly after, the house to your right will have its door kicked open and cleared, and you can go upstairs in that house and pick off stray Germans that you see. There's really not much skill that you need to clear this town; just remember to throw a smoke grenade if that MG-42 is bothering you. Clear out the southernmost house, then go through the west entrance.

The orchard can be assaulted first from the farmhouse.

Turn left to get into an orchard. Fight your way through this, remembering to never go too far at once (you can get yourself into a position with Germans all around you if you do this). When you reach the other side, cross the road and follow the small path until you see the guns that you're here for. To destroy them with thermite grenades, simply go to the left side of each one and press the Use key at the glowing symbol. Do this to all four guns on your side and get back into the orchard.

No, no... this is June 6, there's a month left until the 4th of July!
The reinforcements that were too late.

This is one of those missions that never seem to end... anyway, you're supposed to clear all the coastal bunkers of the Germans hiding there. Get out of the orchard, and some Germans will come out to the small field on your right. After finishing them off, backtrack all the way to the entrance of the small town. Go straight forward, and you'll see a huge red gate with your mates standing in front of it; you could simply go there and skip the next part without any repercussions, but if you're looking for some extra trouble, do this: see the bunker to the right of the gate, with the three entrances? You can clear this one out. Once inside, you'll have the option to go either right or left; go right first, and clear the small room at the end of that path. Then go left, and you'll find some Germans standing haplessly at the end of the path. When you're done, come back to the gate.

Hmm... the gate or the bunker?

The charges set on it will wait until you join the team. When it blows, immediately grenade the trenches in front of you, and be prepared to dodge theirs. A good position to kill the enemies in the trench is the large crater in front of it.

The first bunker.

When they're dead, get into the trench and follow it all the way to the bunker (you'll have to go backwards). Clear it out with a couple of grenades or perhaps a SMG magazine, and turn straight around to head for the next bunker.

Aaaand the second bunker...
Walking in these tunnels with low ammo is not good.
Smoke is necessary to get past here.

There should be about two Germans left in this one, so you'll have an easy time. Now, rather than going by ground to the last bunker, use the underground tunnels starting from the second bunker to get there. Don't get out at the spot where the tunnel has been breached; instead, keep going until you get to a spot where an MG-42 is shooting at you. Trying to get past this spot without a smoke grenade is little more than futile, so perform said action and walk into the bunker at your leisure.

The glorious... well, somewhat desolate... outdoors.

The smoke might obscure your own view, but even then you'll be able to recognize enemies when they run at you to melee attack. This bunker is round, so continue along the path (remembering to kill the machine gunner) to get back outside. Regroup with Sergeant Randall to finish the mission.

Defending The Pointe[edit]

The enemy attacks from two directions.
  • Pointe Du Hoc
  • 6 June 1944
  • Difficulty: 7 out of 10

The Crossroads[edit]

The beginning of a long day of retreating.

You've just captured the Pointe but the Germans want it back and you'll now have to defend it. The map for this mission is essentially identical to the previous mission's, except this time instead of going inland you'll be pushed out nearer to the beach. You start at those crossroads that your squad blocked off the previous day; defending it isn't hard as long as you make use of cover, but after a while you'll be forced back by sheer numbers.

The Orchard[edit]

This kind of thing never gets old.

This next part will just have you advancing through the orchard. Troops will come at you from the long wall so it's best to try and keep opposite from them. When you get to the top you'll be asked to man the machine gun in one of the farmhouses. Go upstairs to find the gun and just shoot what you see, remember to leave the gun if you have been hit though. Once all have been killed, you'll be given new objectives.

The Farmhouses[edit]

On your way out of the village you'll encounter resistance.

Leave your post at the machine gun and head halfway down the stairs. A German will immediately burst through the front door and you'll have to be quick to kill him. Run back upstairs into the front room where there are a few sandbags and a mounted gun. If you look around you'll see some Germans getting into position ready to storm the house. Kill them and then go back downstairs.

You might think it'll be hard to get across the village with just you and Sgt. Randall but if you enter the rooms at the back of the house then about 4 other soldiers will join you. Next go to the front room and throw a smoke grenade into the main grassy area that's being overlooked by all the houses. Then run across that area until you get to some barrels and crates that are near by to the west. When the smoke lifts there will be a plethora of Germans attacking you but use the crates as cover and fend them off. More American soldiers should join you by hopping over the wall behind you. Once you think all is clear come out from your position and start to head toward the Pointe again, but beware as there could be some Germans in the small bungalow to the north. Get past them and you'll reach the old muddy battlefield again.

The Battlefield Again[edit]

Spending a lot of time on machine guns here...

When leaving the arch and the farmhouses you'll be constantly fired upon by some Germans hiding in the trench. Keep running towards them until you find cover. Start killing them but also try to make your way to the gate that you see ahead. Once at the gate, it will be opened and you'll be asked to clear out the three bunkers. These bunkers are connected to a series of trench lines.

1. Hide behind the large AA gun post and your squad will follow you. The first bunker will be up ahead and it's fairly easy to capture. When you see the trench, head for it as it's the safest place to be. The trench will lead to the bunker. There'll be a few Germans in the bunker but most will be outside. There'll be at least four in the next trench that will keep firing at you. One by one take them down whilst in the bunker. Once they're dead, jump in the trench.

Run past the AA remains and to the bunker.
The timer will start counting down now.
This is it--no further retreat.

2. Follow the trench round and recapture the second bunker. This is pretty easy and you shouldn't have trouble with it. The hard part is when you've captured it, you'll need to hold a position for a few minutes whilst the Germans make a large scale attack. They'll be two trenches connected together with an AA gun stone stand area. The stand is the best place for defending and so you should stay there. There is no real strategy so you'll just have to see where all your other squad members are and target the Germans who are not being shot by anyone else. Once some of the time is up, you'll be asked to retreat to the third bunker.

And once you touch the lamp, you awaken a green Genie...

3. This needs clearing out so kill the man on the machine gun at the entrance and then clear the rest of the bunker. The bunker is split into two parts so you'll need to clear out both parts. The parts will be straight on and to the right when you're going down the stone steps. You'll also notice that there are a few steps going upwards to the side of the bunker, taking you to the top half of the bunker. Remember where the steps are as you'll need to use them later on in the mission.

Defending The Bunker[edit]

The boys from Omaha beach to your rescue.

Once the attack is over, prepare yourself in the bunker as you'll be attacked again. They'll be two ways to get into the small bunker, one round the back and the other from the front. As most of the enemy will be coming in from the front your squad will defend form there, and you'll have to defend the back way. This is pretty easy and as long as you don't leave the bunker the time should fly by. Occasionally you'll be greeted by a German who has managed to get into the bunker from the front way. This is unfortunate as it probably means that you'll be killed, but it is rare. The Captain will eventually ask you, with around the 1:20 on the clock, to send some smoke up on the bunker to signal to your planes that there are American troops there. Kill the last man who is coming in from the back way. Go outside and make your way to the front of the bunker. Throw a smoke grenade up on the bunker and then make your way up the ramp to the right. If you think all is clear than climb up the steps leading to the top of the bunker.

There is no need to run away, just crouch down behind the corner. They'll be a few German troops who might have followed you up the steps- kill them then go back in the bunker. Don't use the ramp, just jump down. The attacks by the Germans will stop as the USA air force clear out the rest of the Germans on the battlefield.

The Silo[edit]

  • Beaumont-Hague
  • 14 July 1944
  • Difficulty: 9 out of 10
  • Note: This mission can be completed in a variety of ways. The following is just one of the many possible approaches.

Covering Your Squad[edit]

You can choose to get on the .30-cal, but sniping is more fun.

After being briefed get out your sniper rifle and follow the rest of squad round the corner. The two other soldiers who'll be providing cover fire will take up places behind the left and middle stone road blocks. So take up position on the far right and start sniping the Germans coming at you from the right. They'll be arriving in small squads of four or five and should run towards the MG-42. Try to make sure nobody ever gets near the gun because if they do then they'll have a pretty decent line of fire against you. They'll also be Germans in the house on the right, especially in the windows upstairs and near the door. It's fairly easy and once most of the Germans have been killed you'll be asked to advance forward into the village.

There are plenty of fodder for you here.

The First House[edit]

Before you go for the first house, consider blowing these up.

This village is a death trap and all the buildings are centered around the central crossroads. Never go anywhere near there because you're sure to be shot by someone in the five buildings over looking the crossroads. The first objective is to secure the house across the road in front of you. Run to the wall and start firing at the Germans behind the drums and at the doorstep. While crouching, make your way to the end of the wall and run across the road so that you hide behind the van. Clear any more Germans that are nearby and then run across the other half of the road and hide behind the crates that are looking onto the house. The doorstep should now be cleared so enter the house. Clear the first few rooms and then go upstairs. But beware that when standing up in the front room, you are vulnerable to Germans firing at you from across the road.

Use caution when upstairs.
Sniping from here is very effective.

When up the stairs crouch behind the corner and just wait for all the Germans to come out of the remaining two rooms - there should be about 4 of them. After you have done this, you might want to snipe Germans in house F from the second floor.

The Barn[edit]

This is the barn.

Go all the way back to where you started the village objectives and this time use the small mud track between the house and hedgerow to get a clear view of the barn and the wall in front of it. Unfortunately your squad shouldn't follow you, instead they'll be running straight through the village to join you. Get to the front wall and shoot the Germans through the hole in the wall. Then make your way to the barn wall making sure nobody shoots you from the crossroads, use the car if you need cover. When you think all is clear then jump over the wall and hide behind the silo. They'll now be Germans shooting at you from inside the barn and the houses behind you. Once you take out the initial group of Germans in the barn go to the other side of the silo (making sure your not in the Germans line of fire that are in the house).

Taking the barn can be hard, but manageable.

There might be one or two more Germans in the barn - but they won't be the problem now, it's the Germans behind you that'll cause the trouble. Once the barn is cleared out you'll reach a checkpoint.

The Post Office[edit]

The post office.

To clear out the Post Office go round it, don't take the shorter route of running across the middle of the road to get there. You'll see a large vehicle and sandbags if you have gone round the house. At this point Germans will be coming from the wall opposite to try and capture your position. Don't let them past and make sure nobody from the PO courtyard see you. In the courtyard they'll be some red barrels. Blow them up, causing many Germans to either die or run back into the PO. Jump over the wall and hide behind the front wall. Whilst you squad should take care of the Germans in the houses opposite you'll have to clear out the PO. Most of the downstairs Germans should be dead now but they'll still be some upstairs. One will be guarding the doorway from upstairs so make sure you shoot him before entering the building. The Germans upstairs will be in the left room and right room. Throw a smoke grenade up on the left side of the landing, hopefully blocking up the view from the main bulk of the Germans that are on the left side. Run up the stairs and kill the two Germans in the room, then once the smoke has lifted kill the Germans in the other room.

The Second House[edit]

To clear out the house go round the back way, past all the drums and go through the door on the side of the house (try to run because they'll be heavy fire from the German HQ). Downstairs once again should be clear, and they'll be one or two Germans upstairs but they're mostly scattered in different rooms and are too distracted with manning the machine guns.

The Third House[edit]

Downstairs in the house that you're in now, they'll be a door to the back. This is in direct fire of the German HQ but they're pretty far away so they shouldn't hit you. Turn left, then left again, go down the alley and stand at the doorway to the house. Keep poking your head round and pick off the Germans there. They'll be one at the front of the house upstairs manning a machine gun that you'll be able to see. The rest will be behind the tables.

The Nazi HQ[edit]

Hedgerows are your friends.

All but the Nazi HQ will now be under your control. This'll be the hardest part but it's made easier if you use this alternate route. Go back to where the PO is and you'll see a field, the gate will open and you would think that it's just there to add some realism but there is a small gap in the hedgerow there on the left side. Although when you go through the gap you will be facing a door, it's a lot safer then targeting the building from the front. Your troops will follow you and you should try to kill as many Germans downstairs before entering the house.

It was unfortunate for them to be manning these. By the way, this little ammo is NEVER good.

They'll be a lot of rooms here so make sure each room is clear before you start to tackle upstairs. Stand at the bottom of the stairs and every so often you'll see Germans running form a room to the left, into a room straight ahead. Chuck a couple of grenades in the room straight on and most of them should die. Then run up the stairs and go into that room. Now that you're upstairs, it's a lot easier. Clear out the remaining rooms being careful on the front room as that has two entrances and so the enemy could attack you from behind.

Sniping From The Silo[edit]

Just a minute of peace...
Then all hell breaks loose.
I got you in my sights, buddy.

After that long objective is done, meet up at the crossroads with your squad. Your new orders will be too defend the silo in the courtyard outside the barn. Climb the stairs there and pick up the sniper rifle on the floor at the top of the silo. You will then have to pick off the 2 man artillery crews that'll try attacking you from all directions. This part is hard and there's no real strategy to it but you'll improve with more tries if you remember the patterns of where the next crew is. Target the crews that have been showing on your compass for longer. Also try to reload when there are no stars on the compass. After about 15-20 crews, and a checkpoint halfway through the mission should be completed.