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Basic HUD[edit]

CoD 2 Repairing the Wire3.jpg


On the bottom left of the picture is the compass. As well as giving you directions you'll see green triangles and red circles. The green triangles represent your team mates and the direction of the pointy end of the triangle is the direction in which they're facing. The red circles represent your enemies, but only if you can see them or they're firing. If an enemy is behind a crate or another obstacle and is not firing or creating any noise, then it won't be shown on the compass.

The star on the compass represents the direction of your objective. For example, if the objective is to blow up a tank, then the tank is in the direction of the star. If the objective is to secure a building, then the direction of the building you need to secure is shown by the star.

Ammo Gauge[edit]

On the bottom right is the ammo gauge. It is split into two halves, the left tells you how many bullets have been loaded into the gun, the right half tells you how many bullets you have left. By walking over guns you will pick up ammo if that gun is the same as the one you're holding.

Grenade Gauge[edit]

Slightly above the ammo gauge is the grenade gauge. On the top it shows how many smoke grenades you have, on the bottom it shows how many frag grenades you have. You can only carry 4 of each grenade at the same time, but the number gets renewed every time you complete a mission. Occasionally, you will also see bags near fallen enemies that contain Stielhandgranate ammo.

Tank view[edit]

COD2 Crusader Charge Taking Hit.jpg


Although this is an image of the view out of a tank, the picture has a crosshair. When you have not raised your weapon to look through the sight (the most accurate way to shoot) a crosshair-really a circle of radial lines- will appear. Use the crosshair to aim if you don't have time to raise your weapon to look through the sight. If the crosshair turns red, it means it's over an enemy. Use this to your advantage when you can't see your enemy.

Tank Icon[edit]

On the mission "The Tank Squadrons" only, to the left of the compass is the tank icon. It basically shows what direction you're tank is going in and what way the barrel is pointing in relation to the tank.

Other Indicators[edit]


In the top left corner, there will occasionally be messages like "Objective complete" or "Checkpoint reached". Once an objective has been completed you'll also see details of the new one in this area of the screen too. In the middle of the screen, only at the start of every mission, only there will be details of the mission (name/place/date). You may also see dialogue from your allies.

Grenade Indicator[edit]

This will point to wherever a grenade has landed. If you see one of these then it means the grenade could potentially kill you. You can get move to get behind cover, run in the opposite direction from where it landed, or go prone to minimize damage.

Damage Indicator[edit]

When hit, a red arrow shows the direction of the soldier who hit you.

If you are hit repeatedly, your screen will turn red and you will be able to listen to your heart beating and heavy panting. This is an important indicator for you to take cover to replenish your health.

Pocket PC[edit]

  • Action (Top right) will allow you to pick up weapons, open doors or plant explosives.
  • Crosshair (Middle) allows you to aim more precisely.
  • Ammunition Counter (Lower) tells you how much ammunition you have.
  • Grenade (bottom right) throws grenade
  • Pause (Top left) takes you to the pause screen.
  • Reload (Bottom left) lets you reload your current weapon.

Not Shown[edit]

  • Aim Sight/Zoom
  • Swap Weapon