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PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Nintendo Wii Action
PC Mouse Left Click.png R1 button RT button B button Attack
W, S, A, D Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Neutral nunchuk Movement
Q, E N/A N/A Twist Nunchuk button Left/Right Lean Left/Right. The Wii version can be Enabled in the option menu.
Space Cross button A button Up dpad Stand/Jump
C Circle button B button C button Crouch
Ctrl Circle hold B hold Hold C button Prone
PC Mouse Right Click.png L1 button LT button Z button Aim Down Sights
V R3 button R button Down dpad Melee Attack
1 or 2 Triangle button Y button Right dpad Switch Weapons
Shift L3 button L button A button Sprint/Steady Scope
G or PC Mouse Middle Click.png R2 button RB button Plus button Throw Frag/Throw Back Grenade
4 L2 button LB button Minus button Throw Special Grenade
5 6 7 Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Left dpad Inventory
  • In Multiplayer 5 is inventory and 6 is call in UAV/Airstrike/Helicopter
R Square button X button Shake Nunchuk button Reload
F Square hold X hold A hold Use
N Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Hold Left dpad, Up nunchuk Night Vision Goggles
Tab Start button Back button 1 button, 2 button Show Objectives/Scores. On the Wii 1 button to pause and show objectives, 2 button for multiplayer scoreboard
 `  N/A N/A N/A Console (PC only, needs enabling in options)

Like Call of Duty: World at War for the Wii, the squadmate mode is enabled as the second controller can go in by pressing A button and go out by pressing 1 button to exit this mode. Also you can also choose to play with the Wii Zapper.