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Throughout the game, there are pieces of enemy intelligence to collect. This will list the places to find it. These will unlock cheats in the options when a certain amount of intel is found and the game has been completed on any difficulty.

Any intel that you pick up is tied to your account and disappears permanently. It is possible to reset enemy Intel through a strenuous and annoying glitch involving two offline xbox360 accounts.


You will get this screen after completing the last level and exiting to the Main menu - Game Over

After beating the game, you have the option to use cheats. After entering a level, go to menu -> Options -> Cheats. Cheats vary from graphical filters to gameplay differences. Checkpoints remember which cheats are enabled or disabled.

If you enable any cheat in a level, even if disabled later, the game prevents you from gaining achievements for the rest of the level, and the completed difficulty will not be recognized.

Do not pick up the 15th or 30th intel in any level in which you have used cheats, or else you will permanently lock yourself out of the corresponding achievement.

Each cheat needs a specific amount of intel to unlock:

  • CoD Noir - Grayscale - 2 intel
  • Photo Negative - Inverts colors - 4 intel
  • Super Contrast - Increases contrast between light and dark colors - 6 intel
  • Ragtime Warfare (360/PS3/PC-exclusive) - Uses a blurred sepia tone with ragtime music, and sped-up gameplay, with no HUD, dialog, or subtitles - 8 intel
  • Paintball (Wii-exclusive) - Bullet-based weapons now fire coloured paintballs - 8 intel
  • Cluster Bombs - Grenades that you throw explode into four extra live grenades - 10 intel
  • A Bad Year - Enemies (not dogs) that are killed will explode into tires - 15 intel
  • Slow-Mo Ability - Plays at slow speed. Press melee to turn on and off - 20 intel
  • Infinite Ammo - Weapons (except C4 and Claymore) do not use Ammo - 30 intel

Crew Expendable (2)[edit]

  • In the room right after you shoot the drunk enemy. To the left of the two enemies that are are sleeping.
  • It will be in the first room out of the three that look like this. In the middle of the lower cargo deck inside (with all the enemies). On top of the the lifted floorboard.

Blackout (2)[edit]

  • In the shack to the left near the enemy killed on the bridge near the start of the level
  • In the house that has the power cut it is in the bathroom (Across from the room Nikolai is in)

Charlie Don't Surf (3)[edit]

  • In the basement of the HQ building (in the little room on your left as you enter). There will be a few enemies in the room. There will also be a lot of posters on the wall.
  • Before the pickup truck with the machine drives by. While you are by the road where the pickup drives onto, turn right and head into a building with blue walls and has the roof blown off. Go upstairs, and the intel is on a table.
  • After you encouter the pickup truck with the machine gun, go forward until you see a blue car next to a staircase on your right. Go up the staircase. The intel is slightly behind you and to your left once you are upstairs.

The Bog (2)[edit]

  • in the building that is in front of you when you start the mission( you must let your guys open the upstairs door and its inside that room)
  • In the market that you have to go through to get to the tank (its behind some boxes on your left). If you can't find it at first don't get frustrated, check behind every box.

Hunted (2)[edit]

  • After you get out of the house and get attacked by dogs, it will be in the building with the soda machine, on the desk to the right.
  • Near the end of the level, where you have to get inside a barn, there will be a table under the shelter, the intel is there.

War Pig (3)[edit]

  • At the bend in the road, building to the right of the street with a staircase outside leading up to the second floor. If you reach the bend, you went too far.
  • Building to the left of previous building (Other side of the street). There is a lot of enemies upstairs.
  • Near the end of the mission there is a T-72 tank(the intel is upstairs in one of the rooms next to the one where you overlook the tank)

Shock & Awe (2)[edit]

  • Upstairs with the recon team
  • Across the lot from the recon team in the building upstairs where machinegunners are firing at you.

Safehouse (2)[edit]

  • On the second floor of the building next to the church that has the satellite dish. (Safehouse 1).
  • On the main floor of the tavern. It is on the table that has the Mini-Uzi and the RPD. (Safehouse 3)

All Ghillied Up (3)[edit]

  • Its up in the old bell tower that you have to snipe the guard
  • In the container area where the guard is sleeping in the chair, you can sneak up on him by going prone and he usually won't see you, you only go near the area once.
  • Up the fire Escape in the little room where you have to kill the sniper that comes out

One Shot, One Kill (2)[edit]

  • Near the end of the mission you carry MacMillan past a fire escape and the intel is on the top of it. It is right before the swimming pool complex.
  • The second piece is fairly hard to get, right at the end of the mission when the helicopter is coming there will be 2 doors where enemies come out, one on the right and one on the left, inside the one on the right is the intel, turn down the difficulty and try and get there. Note: if you go there before the enemies come, the door will not open. Tip: It's better if you position yourself so you can't see the double doors on the right side. Stay with the sniper until your helicopter arrives. Use the ample time to go from the left side to the right to see if that method works or not.

Sins of the Father (2)[edit]

  • In the restaurant, on the left hand side on the tables (only available before you are in the Watchtower)
  • Upstairs in the building at the junk cars (You are told to kill the 2 enemies in there).

Ultimatum (1)[edit]

  • In the building after the barbed wire across from where you come in. It will have a lot of enemies near.

All In (2)[edit]

  • Behind the building where your guys have to blow a hole in the gate
  • in the building on your right (next to the last tank that you have to blow up)

No Fighting in the War Room (2)[edit]

  • The first piece is inside a break room on the left; the room is almost completely dark except for one red light. If you reach the staircase, you went too far.
  • The last piece is found in the same room where you upload the abort codes, in a small meeting room to the left of the keyboard where the codes are entered.