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Fight a Mid-Boss[edit]

To face off against Geese Howard, or M. Bison, you must satisfy all of the following conditions after your 4th match:

  • Have at least 800 Groove Points
  • Never get hit by more than 5 First Hits in any match
  • Complete at least 2 matches with a Custom Combo or Super Combo finish.

Fight a Boss[edit]

To fight against Akuma or Rugal, you must satisfy two of the following conditions by the end of the game:

  • Have at least 1000 Groove Points
  • Finish with at least 4 special KOs
  • Defeat M. Bison or Geese
  • Finish with at least 2 Level 3 Super Combo Finishes

Fight a Secret Boss[edit]

To fight against Shin Akuma or Ultimate Rugal, you must satisfy two of the following conditions:

  • Have at least 1500 Groove Points
  • Defeat M. Bison or Geese
  • Get at least one Finest K.O.

If you are successful, you will face off against Shin Akuma or Ultimate Rugal. The condition for who you are fighting depends on which groove you have chosen.

Getting a Finest K.O.[edit]

To obtain a Finest K.O., satisfy one of the following:

  1. Counter a Super Combo attack with a Special Move
  2. Counter a Special Move with a Level 3/MAX Super Combo
  3. Counter a Super Combo with a Super Combo
  4. Finish an taunting opponent with a Level 3/MAX Super Combo

Console Unlockables[edit]

Unlockable Method
Groove Edit Mode Beat the game by defeating Akuma or Rugal.
Unlimited Groove Edit Points Complete All Survivor Mode. This will work even if you've enabled EX Options such as invincibility (Life Gauge Type = No Damage) or unlimited supers (Groove Gauge Type = Infinity).
Play as Shin Akuma Defeat Shin Akuma in battle.
Play as Ultimate Rugal Defeat Ultimate Rugal in battle.
Unlock Osaka (Castle) Stage Defeat Akuma or Rugal
Unlock Osaka (Ruins) Stage Defeat Shin Akuma or Ultimate Rugal
Unlock Boss Battle Mode Beat both Shin Akuma and Ultimate Rugal in the Arcade Mode. To access the new Game Mode, highlight Arcade Mode, hold the default buttons for Light Punch and Medium Punch, and confirm it. Release the buttons after you see the Player Select Screen.
EX Options Complete Boss Battle Mode.