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Station Guide: Defences & Countermeasures (5:39)
Defences & Countermeasures video overview.

The carrier is equipped with a variety of defences and countermeasures to protect itself from attack. There is considerable overlap between offensive weapons and defensive weapons, as most carrier weapons systems do not discriminate between air and surface targets. CC2 DefencesAndCountermeasures.jpg


CC2 CarrierAAMissile.jpg
Icon CC2 AAMissileIcon.png
Type Large Munitions
Range 5km
Weight 1000
Cost 25
Build Time 40 sec
Missiles ready to launch.

The carrier is equipped with AA missiles to destroy incoming enemies. Modeled after the British Rapier missile system, the AA missiles will track enemy aircraft that enter range.

Missile launch button glowing white.

Each of the two launchers, located on the starboard side of the carrier (and visible from the bridge), holds up to four missiles.

The default state of the missiles is "ARMED". Once an enemy enters ranged, the status will change to "TRACKING" and a white light will begin flashing underneath the missile arming switch. While the launcher is tracking, pressing the launch button will launch a missile. The missile will lock on to the nearest enemy aircraft.

While an AA missile launcher has less than four missiles loaded, it will reload at a rate of one missile per 120 seconds (two minutes).

Both AA missile launchers are disabled while the carrier's WEP R subsystem is disabled.

Close In Weapons System (CIWS)[edit]

CC2 CarrierCIWS.jpg
Icon CC2 20mmAmmoIcon.png
Type Small Munitions
Range 800 meters
Weight 1
Cost 1
Build Time 2 sec

The carrier is also equipped with four CIWS (pronounced sea-whizz) rotary cannons that accept 20mm ammunition. Like missiles, the CIWS will automatically engage targets that enter range. Unlike the missiles, CIWS will also engage enemy missiles that enter range, protecting the carrier and any nearby units.

The CIWS' range is extremely short and can only be practically used as a self defence tool.

As with the missiles, the CIWS cannot be set to engage a specific target, and will simply attack targets to the best of its ability.


A noisemaker decoying two torpedoes.
CC2 Torpedo.jpg
Icon CC2 TorpedoNoise.png
Type Large Munitions
Weight 1000
Cost 50
Build Time 80 sec

Loaded into and launched from torpedo tubes, noisemakers act as torpedo lures and will cause any torpedoes nearby to lock onto the noisemaker instead. They appear as circles on the vehicle control screen, as shown to the left.

Noisemakers must be set to travel on a specific bearing and will turn active after their timer expires, just like normal torpedoes.

Noisemakers will remain active from the moment you launch them up until the time specified on their activation timer - after which they will immediately disappear. For best results, therefore, set the activation timer as high as possible to have the noisemaker last longer. Noisemakers cannot decoy torpedoes that are inactive. To load a noisemaker into a torpedo tube, press the "Load Noisemaker" button next to the relevant torpedo tube (L1, L2, R1, or R2). Noisemakers, like torpedoes, cannot be unloaded, so ensure you only load them as you need them

Noisemakers will continue to travel in their set bearing until they are destroyed or run aground.

Noisemakers are referred to in-game as "Torpedo (Noisemaker)".


CC2 TorpedoCounter.jpg
Icon CC2 TorpedoCounterIcon.png
Type Large Munitions
Weight 1000
Cost 50
Build Time 80 sec

Countermeasures, similar to noisemakers, are a defence against torpedoes. Unlike noisemakers, which operate at a distance, countermeasures are fired from the rear of the carrier and do not move once deployed. Countermeasures cause enemy torpedoes to stop tracking targets and travel in a straight line. This gives you plenty of opportunity to move out of the way of the torpedo.

Countermeasures do not last long, but work every time. Ensure you change course to avoid the torpedo as once the countermeasure expires, the torpedo will begin tracking again.

Countermeasures are referred to in-game as "Torpedo (Countermeasure)".