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The logistics screen, to the port side of the bridge, lets the carrier's crew manage and maintain the various warehouse islands, factories, and the barges that move between them.

Durable Barges
Barges are extremely durable, able to withstand cruise missiles, Bear cannons, and are immune to torpedoes. While not invincible, barges also regenerate health at about 1 HP in 20 seconds.

Inventory/Logistics Screens[edit | edit source]

The two large screens to either side of the stations are identical in function and can be toggled between three views.

Requisitioning flares.

The Stock tab (shown on the left) displays the exact number of supplies available in your current stockpile. It lays out all the items in a four column table. From left to right, the columns are:

  • The name of the item
  • The number currently available on one of your islands
  • The number currently requisitioned by the carrier
  • The number currently in transit to the carrier
  • The current usable stock of the item on the carrier itself

Click on a row to change the number of items requisitioned by the carrier. When this number is increased, barges attached to islands that contain the requisitioned item will pick up the item and drop it off at the carrier.

Barges are extremely durable and very evasive, making them tough to hit with torpedoes.

Two islands linked to a warehouse, and a warehouse linked to the carrier. The barge and its routes are in light green.

The Map tab, shown on the right, lets crewmembers assign barges to different islands, routes, and the carrier itself.

Each island in the archipelago can produce items. See the page on Islands for additional information.

From the map screen, you can create a supply route. To do so:

  1. Order the items you require on the STOCK tab.
  2. Click on the MAP tab.
  3. Click on a barge, then WAYPOINTS.
  4. Click and drag, starting at the barge, and ending at an island containing the materials you require.
  5. Click and drag from that same island to the carrier to complete the supply route.
  6. Click and drag from the carrier back to the island to create a loop the barge will run.

The barge will then travel to the island, pick up any items the island has that are requisitioned by the carrier, and then follow its waypoint to either another island (to pick up more goods) or to the carrier (to unload its cargo). You cannot load items back onto an island, or take items off the carrier.

Clicking and dragging a line back from the carrier to an island can create a loop that the barge will follow - visiting each island in turn and loading additional cargo.

Weight Management
The carrier can hold 1 million kilograms of items. This seems like a lot at first sight, although later in game you may find yourself struggling with inventory space. Choose carefully what to have spares of. You cannot return items to islands, though you can delete items from the carrier's inventory by requisitioning a negative number of an item.
Ordering Seal production from an island.

The map screen also lets players have production islands produce items. By clicking on a production island on the map, they can have the island begin producing items at a currency cost. Currency is gained daily for every island owned by the player, and additional currency is gained by destroying enemies and capturing islands.

The Barges tab (not shown) lets crew interact with barges. Clicking on a barge shows its current inventory, its weight, and to snap to its location on the map or show its current destination.

Vehicle Loadout[edit | edit source]

Choose a vehicle to modify the loadout of.

The two center screens allow players to determine the loadout of the vehicles used by the drone operators. Up to eight air and eight amphibious assets can be assigned to each of the slots and outfitted. As your vehicles are destroyed, they will also be replaced using this screen.

To replace a destroyed vehicle, click on an empty slot and then click on Choose Chassis. This lets you define what vehicle type it will be. After selecting a chassis type, you can modify its loadout with whatever is in the carrier's inventory.

To modify an existing vehicle, click on it in the list. After clicking on an existing vehicle, you can also return it to your carrier's inventory by clicking on the chassis name, letting you replace it with another vehicle.

Once a chassis has been selected, you can deploy the vehicle from the vehicle control section of the bridge.

Delivery Log[edit | edit source]

The delivery log.

The delivery log is located at the top left of the station. The delivery log simply states the latest items that have arrived to the carrier via the barges.

Currency Report[edit | edit source]

The Currency Report.

The Currency Report outlines the revenue and expenditure of currency per day. Currency is gained daily by each island owned, and can be further gained by destroying enemies and capturing islands.

Destroyed enemies drop the following currency:

Target Reward
Seal, Walrus, Bear 50
Razorbill, Petrel, Albatross
Manta, Turret, Barge
Needlefish 200
Swordfish 300
Island Capture 200-600
Virus Bot 5
Carrier 1000