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Islands come in a variety of types, and provide resources. They are the short term goals to help you build the resources necessary to take on the enemy carrier, who is attempting to do the same as you.

Islands passively provide an unnamed currency to you every day. The islands offer varying amounts of money per day.

Capturing islands unlocks blueprints that unlock new construction options. The type of blueprint yielded by the island varies depending on the island in question, though it generally unlocks blueprints of that type (the bear and walrus blueprints, for example, are usually linked to surface chassis islands).

Once a blueprint is unlocked, it remains unlocked for the rest of the game.

Island Types[edit]

There are a few different types of islands available to be captured. Each produces a dedicated resource for you using currency.


CC2 WarehouseIcon.jpg

Warehouse islands are the spawning points for your carrier. They cannot receive any items but do contain your starting inventory that is not onboard the carrier.

As of Update 1.2.0, they can produce friendly Needlefish to act as escort vessels - see Needlefish (playable) for information about those.

Surface Chassis[edit]

CC2 SurfaceChassis.jpg

Surface chassis islands are able to produce land vehicles: the seal, walrus, and bear. These islands are fairly important early game to fill out all your carrier slots. You will generally only need one or two of these, provided you are able to keep your vehicles alive.

For information on the units it produces, see the Vehicles page.


CC2 Utility.jpg

Utility islands are one of the least useful islands, as most utility items are not particularly useful. A selection of them, however, can be - particularly the gimbal camera and, to a lesser extent, the observation camera. As neither of these items are consumed upon use, however, you should never need too many utility islands - unless you find yourself being careless with your units.

Air Chassis[edit]

CC2 AirChassis.jpg

Much like the surface chassis islands, air chassis islands produce the albatross, manta, petrel, and razorbill. As there are more air vehicles than surface vehicles, you will generally need to capture two or three of these islands to unlock all their blueprints.

Air units are generally fragile, difficult to use, and fall very quickly to SAMs and AA guns, so having a few air units on standby is advised.

For information on the units it produces, see the Vehicles page.


CC2 FuelIsland.jpg

Fuel islands can only produce one thing: fuel, which is used by both carriers and its units. Fuel is created from islands in packs of 1,000 litres. Each fuel pack costs 10 currency, takes 20 seconds to build, and has a weight of 10.


CC2 BargeIsland.jpg

Barge islands create additional barges to improve the throughput of your supply chain. Each barge has a weight storage capacity of 20,000 kilos, takes three minutes to build, and has a cost of 1000 currency.

Unlike other items, barges are not stored on the island. Instead, as soon as they are completed, they will spawn next to the barge island. Barge islands therefore do not need to be linked to an existing island and can remain separate from your supply chain.

Barge islands only create barges, and are not able to repair them should they take damage.

Small Munitions[edit]

CC2 SmallMunitionsIsland.jpg

One of the more valuable islands to have, the Small Munitions island produces all sorts of gun ammunition, including the extremely powerful 160mm shell used by your carrier's deck gun. Acquiring a solid source of 160mm shells, which can't be interrupted by AA guns, can turn an otherwise difficult island nut to crack into a cakewalk, especially when paired with an Albatross spotting targets.


CC2 TurretsIsland.png

Munitions are very important, but they are only useful so long as you have turrets to fire them out of. Capturing turret islands is an important aspect to being able to employ bears, mantas, and other advanced aircraft.

Large Munitions[edit]

CC2 LargeMunitionsIsland.jpg

Large Munitions are not as often used as small munitions, but large munitions is crucial to replacing the various missiles, bombs, and other explosives you'll be using. Large Munitions islands can also produce torpedoes, which your carrier will be making liberal use of in order to disable Needlefish and Swordfish.

Command Center[edit]

The command center is a large satellite dish with glowing red lights on it. This building is the objective for your vehicles equipped with virus bots. Deploy virus bots near the command center to capture an island. The virus bots are capable of extremely slow movement, allowing them to properly get into position once you are reasonably close.

Assuming they are not flipped over through careless driving, virus bots will eventually self-destruct once their timer runs out. They will usually last about 2-3 minutes after capturing the island. Virus bots cannot be re-loaded onto their vehicle, and alerts will appear on the ship's log indicating virus bots have been lost.

Virus bots can also be attacked by enemies.

Island Defences[edit]

Islands are equipped with a number of defences, including air, sea, and amphibious vehicles. Air vehicles will usually stay docked in a large hangar, waiting for you to get near them. They will then take off and engage, oftentimes circling the island and looking for targets. All four aircraft can defend an island. Ground vehicles will loiter around an island, waiting for you to get close, oftentimes getting stuck on cliffs.

Needlefish and Swordfish are ships that often defend islands from the sea, and are best destroyed using torpedoes. See their section on the Vehicles page for more information.

Islands also are oftentimes equipped with various turrets of varying types. These turrets can also be rebuilt to defend the island once it has been captured by the player. See the buildable turrets section on constructing island defences.