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Animal orbs are floating companions that give passive bonuses or attack enemies. They are acquired throughout the game, and the first one you come upon isn't for several levels. Some are sold in shops, others have to be found or acquired through various means. Below is a list of all animal orbs and their details.

The animals in the table below are ordered from left to right in the ark, after being acquired.

Animal orb Effect Cost Location How to get Good places to use
File:Castle Crashers Burly Bear.png
Burly Bear
" " Free (50 coins for two bombs) Tall Grass After the archer artillery and a few more fights, use a sandwich by the large boulder on the edge of the mountain. Grab the boulder by approaching it (lower right side) and tap X button to pick it up and get rid of it. Go inside where the fish sword is and bomb the wall there with two bombs (Steam).
File:Castle Crashers Snailburt.png
"Snailburt increases your defense, but decreases your agility." Free ?? ?? Just after getting. Quickly replaced.
File:Castle Crashers Owlet.png
"Owlet retrieves hidden fruit from trees." ?? ?? ?? ??
File:Castle Crashers Seahorse.png
"Seahorse lets you move through water quickly." ?? ?? ?? ??
File:Castle Crashers Rammy.png
"Rammy knocks down enemies." ?? ?? ?? ??
File:Castle Crashers Monkeyface.png
"Monkeyface increases your luck finding items." ?? ?? ?? ??
File:Castle Crashers Cardinal.png
"Cardinal helps you find secret items." Free Factory Defeat the large enemy that Cardinal is following. ??
File:Castle Crashers BiPolar Bear.png
BiPolar Bear
"BiPolar Bear mauls enemies <and friends> who are near death." Free Snow World At the very end, before entering the cave, walk up to the cave entrance by the sign and blow the horn. ??
Castle Crashers Yeti.png
"Yeti resists being frozen." Free Snow World At the very end of the zone, before walking up into the cave, go to the far right by the three houses. Behind the house (walk around the right side) furthest left and down a little is an animal wedged between the houses and the path into the cave. ??