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Castle Excellent is populated by a collection of minions loyal to the Devil Mephistopheles. They each have their own unique behavior, and are somewhat predictable, but they are dangerous none the less. A single touch by any of these monsters will steal one of Raphael's lives. Learn their behaviors to better anticipate their actions and avoid them when necessary.


Armed with a bow and arrow, Knights patrol certain platforms, seeking invaders and firing arrows at them whenever they spot someone who doesn't belong. Although the arrow travels fast, Raphael can jump over the arrow if he's quick enough. Despite their thick armor, Raphael's dagger is an effective weapon to use against these menaces, and remove them from the room.


Fighters are more interested in dealing with intruders hand to hand. They wander back and forth in an assigned area, attempting to crush anyone who gets in their path. They especially like to surprise Raphael by leaping into the air exactly when he does, making it impossible for Raphael to jump over a Fighter. Raphael can perform one maneuver that Fighters can't however. Raphael can strike at them with his dagger.


Bishops are the defensive guardian of Grocken Castle. They can not fire a weapon, nor can they jump in the air, but they are blessed with a barrier of protection the nullifies any attempt on your part to use a dagger on them. As a result, they wander back and forth in an assigned area and simply wait for intruders to run into them. Jumping over them is your only reliable defense.

Devil Flower[edit]

Devil Flowers start out as tiny buds, but they grow quite rapidly when an intruder approaches. They are planted to surprise victims who attempt to cross or jump over particular locations around the castle. They cannot be defeated by Raphael's dagger, but they are rooted to the ground, and can't move from the spot, so all you must do is avoid them, even when they are buds.


Flames roam around the rooms to which they are assigned. They generally attempt to seek Raphael out and reach his location, but they have a set of rules that they follow when traversing the room. They generally travel in a counter-clockwise direction, but not always, given the layout of the room. They will change their vertical direction if Raphael happens to jump, and it would be advantageous for a flame to follow him. Flames cannot be harmed by Raphael's dagger, so it is best to avoid them, or try to get them squeezed by platforms.


While witches can attack Raphael directly if he gets close enough, their favorite form of attack is to summon other enemies to fight for them. If a witch is left alone long enough, she will begin to summon Fighters, Knights, and Bishops at random into the room. Witches can be defeated with the dagger, and it is in Raphael's best interests to defeat these magicians as quickly as possible.