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Door keys[edit]

Castle Excellent Keys.gif

The rooms of Glocken Castle are sealed off by numerous doors painted in six different colors. In or to open them and access the rooms beyond, Raphael must collect keys which correspond to the color door that he wishes to open. Raphael can store up to nine keys of each particular color. Finding and collect the keys is only one part of the challenge. Knowing in which order to use them is the other.

Oxygen tanks[edit]

Castle Excellent Tank.gif

Water is normally lethal to Raphael as he is unable to swim. However, if Raphael collects an oxygen tank, not only will he earn 1000 points, he will be able to breathe underwater. He still will not be able to swim throughout the water, and gravity will affect him quite normally. While the oxygen tank is active, the music played will be slightly different. The music will loop for ten times before the oxygen tank runs out. Each loop plays for approximately 5.5 seconds, so you have less than one minute of oxygen. If you are still in the water when the oxygen runs out, you will lose one life.


Castle Excellent Potion.gif

In addition to providing Raphael with 1000 points, Potions provide him with an extra life. Don't waste keys just to collect one of these unless you are close to running out of lives.

Castle Map[edit]

Castle Excellent Map.gif

There is one map in the entire castle, and it can be found right in the very first room. Collecting it, however, won't be as easy. It is not necessary to collect the map in order to complete the game, and it's usefulness is only somewhat marginal. You will, however, earn an extra 1000 points for collecting it. Press Select button to activate the map once you have collected it.

Bonus point items[edit]

Collecting these items does nothing else for Raphael beyond granting him bonus points.

Name Cross Ring Money bag
Item Castle Excellent Cross.gif Castle Excellent Ring.gif Castle Excellent Money.gif
Points 200 400 800