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Moveable objects[edit]

Bricks and Blocks[edit]

Castle Excellent Bricks.png
Castle Excellent Block.png

Throughout Raphael's journey in Glocken Castle, he will encounter various blocks deposited around many platforms. Raphael can push these blocks to the left or to the right, although he cannot pull them. He can also use them as platforms and stand on top of them. However, he will lose one life if any blocks fall on top of him. Blocks and bricks can be pushed onto elevators. The only difference between them is that bricks will not return to the room after they have been crushed, even if you exit and return, whereas blocks will always return.

Jars and Barrels[edit]

Castle Excellent Jar.png
Castle Excellent Barrel.png

Jars and Barrels function very much like Bricks and Blocks. They can be pushed in either direction, and they can be used to attack enemies by crushing them. You can jump on top of either one, and you should never end up underneath one or you will be crushed. Like regular blocks, Jars and Barrels will return after they have been destroyed when you reenter a room.


Castle Excellent Candle.png

Candles are very much like the rest of the objects, except that it is dangerous for Raphael to stand directly over the flame. So while you can push them left or right, you should not attempt to jump closely over them, and you should never even try to stand on them. Treat them with caution.

Room features[edit]


Castle Excellent Elevator Small.png
Castle Excellent Elevator Large.png

Elevators are the primary transport for Raphael between floors of a room. Small elevators can really only fir Raphael, but they can also be used to transport other kinds of blocks. Large elevators will fit both Raphael and another item. Elevators can crush Raphael if he rides them all the way up to a ceiling, so be sure to get off of them in time. Additionally, it is possible for Raphael to sneak below the gap created by a large elevator, and fall to the floor below.

Pulley and Lifts[edit]

Castle Excellent Pulley.png
Castle Excellent Lift.png

Lifts can be positioned into place, but only by pushing the pulley block that is connected to the rope attached to the lift. To raise the lift, you must push the pulley block to the left. To lower the lift, you must push the pulley right.


Castle Excellent Barrier.png

These red and blue lines represent a forcefield that Raphael must be careful with. When they are shimmering back and forth, Raphael can safely walk on top of the beams, or push an object across them. When they calm down and become stationary, Raphael or any object resting on top of the beams will fall through them. The only danger that they pose to Raphael is if they activate while Raphael is in the middle of falling through them. This is lethal, and will cause Raphael to lose one life.

Floating Platform[edit]

Castle Excellent Floating Platform.png

Floating Platforms are very helpful devices that Raphael can use to traverse wide gaps that he would otherwise be unable to cross. However, in order to use these platforms properly, you must push the direction pad in the direction that you wish Raphael to move in, even if he is standing on the platform. If the platform is move, right, and you do not hold Right dpad while standing on top of it, the platform will simply move along without Raphael and he will fall to the ground below. Instead, hold Right dpad to ensure that Raphael moves along with the platform.

Conveyor Belt[edit]

Castle Excellent Conveyer Belt.png

The surface of Conveyor Belts roll along quite simply in one direction of the other. Any object that lands on top of it will move along the surface of the belt until it reaches the end, and then fall. If Raphael moves along with the conveyor belt, he will run at double speed. If he attempts to run against it, he will not be able to move at all. To move against the conveyor belt, Raphael must jump, provided there is enough room above his head to make this possible.


Castle Excellent Spikes.png

Spikes are unquestionably dangerous to Raphael. Not only will he lose one life if he lands on top of them, he will also lose a life if he runs into them sideways! Simply put: stay far away from spikes.


Castle Excellent Water.png

Water is lethal to Raphael unless he happens to have collected an oxygen tank item recently. Without the oxygen tank, Raphael will lose one life on contact with the water. With the tank, he will be able to survive submerged in water for just a little under one minute. When the oxygen tank music changes back to the regular theme, Raphael must be out of the water, or he will die.

Power Light[edit]

Castle Excellent Power Light.png

By stepping into the beam emitted by the Power Light, Raphael will be granted a temporary period of invulnerability. He can withstand any attack from any enemy and will not be harmed. He can even be pushed into a wall by an elevator without dying, but in doing so, will become stuck in the wall, so it is very important to prevent this from happening.