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Before going on, please make sure that you possess 2 dark blue keys, 2 light blue keys, 1 green key, and 3 yellow keys.

Step 26[edit]

Castle Excellent WT26.gif

All that you need to do in this room is open the yellow door to your right, and jump up to the light blue door in the upper left corner (with a ring next to it). Pass through the door.

Step 27[edit]

Castle Excellent WT27.gif

Your goal in this room, is to be able to collect the pink key in the lower left corner without needing to use it immediately in order to escape. To make this possible, you must push the bricks in the upper left corner in to positions that will enable Raphael to jump back up to the elevators. Start out by pushing the first (right) brick directly between both elevators. Then push the second brick all the way to the right, past the elevators, so that it drops down to the floor below. Now you can collect the pink key, and use the second brick that you dropped as a step ladder back to the elevators. First, ride the left elevator, and collect the yellow key from the room above, and return to this room. Then ride the right elevator up to the room above.

Step 28[edit]

Castle Excellent WT28.gif

Open the dark blue door to your right, move the brick out of the way, and jump up to the ledge above so that you can leap to the right and collect both blue keys. Then use one of them on the door in the lower right corner.

Step 29[edit]

Castle Excellent WT29.gif

You need to reach the light blue door in the upper left corner. To do this, jump up the two small ledges on the left, and wait for the floating platform to arrive. Carefully jump on top of it, and prepare to push right on the control pad in order to ensure that Raphael moves with the platform properly. As you approach the gap in the ceiling, prepare to jump so that you rise into the gap and land on the ledge next to the small elevator. Ride the elevator and push the brick out of the way. Pass through the light blue door.

Step 30[edit]

Castle Excellent WT30.gif

First, collect the light blue key. Then make the long leap to the platform with the block on it. Push the block down and crush the Witch below. Then push the block down to the right, and use the block to kill both Bishops. You need to collect the two keys at the end of the Bishop's platform, but if you pushed the block too far and can't push it back to the right, you'll have to exit the room and return in order to reset the block positions in the room. Once you have collected both keys, you must return to the platforms above, and enter through the yellow door in the upper left corner.

Before going on, please make sure that you possess 2 dark blue keys, 2 light blue keys, 2 pink keys, 1 green key, and 2 yellow keys.

Step 31[edit]

Castle Excellent WT31.gif

Simply watch out for the Fighter, and ride the central elevator up to the room above.

Step 32[edit]

Castle Excellent WT32.gif

Open the yellow door. Collect the light blue key, and open the light blue door. Jump up to the platform above, and approach the elevator to the left. Push the top block to the left, and push the block beneath it to the left as well. Then push the bottom block to the right so that it ends up on the elevator, and gets crushed. With the bottom block crushed, reset the room by dropping down to the room below, and returning. Now you can jump over the two remaining blocks and collect the green key in the lower alcove. Then jump up to the bricks and wait for the elevator so that you can reach the green door in the upper left corner. Jump safely up to the moving platform and use it to open the door.

Step 33[edit]

Step a

Your goal in this room is to reach the pink door in the upper left corner. In order to do this, you need to arrange the bricks in such a way to make the door accessible. However, one brick poses a problem and must be dealt with first. From the entrance, drop down to the floor. Push the brick on the floor to the left, but leave enough room to jump around to the other side and push it back to the right. Then jump up and push the bricks on the platform above so that they create a platform for the brick to the left of the pink key (see the Step a picture for the correct configuration). Then return to the floor and push the brick right so that you can reach the small ledges on the right side and climb back up to where you entered the room.

Step b

Jump up to the small ledge to the right of the high brick. Push it left, and immediately run left so that you sail beyond the brick, which will land on the conveyor belt below. You must get ahead of the brick in order to collect the pink key below, and be able to push the brick to the left. Push it just far enough so that it hangs off the left of the farthest block. This should place you just far enough to be able to reach the tiny ledge below the upper pink door. Leap over to it, and then back to the platform on the right, and finally to the ledge before the door. Pass through it.

Step 34[edit]

Castle Excellent WT34.gif

This room, which is arranged to look like a tree, will test your self-control. You can collect some of the rings in the room, but you should not attempt to collect all of them. Drop down to the platform above the lower pink door, and jump up to the green door. Pass through the door and collect the green and pink keys. Then open the green door to the left. Collect the green key beyond the door and open the next green door to the left. When you are on the left side of the "tree", collect the pink key, but be careful not to open any door other than the pink door at the very top. Jump up to that door, and open it.

Step 35[edit]

Castle Excellent WT35.gif

Having arrived at the top portion of the room, ignore the rest of the room below, and ride the floating platform to the opposite side, which contains a large elevator. Ride the elevator to the room above.

Step 36[edit]

Castle Excellent WT36.gif

You may be excited to see the first Fairy, but it will take a little more work before you can collect it. As the elevator rises, be sure to open the dark blue door on your right, but do not pass through it just yet. Continue riding the elevator up to the high light blue door. Open it up and pass through it to the next room.

Step 37[edit]

Castle Excellent WT37.gif

Your goal in this room is to collect all four green keys. However, in doing so, you will become trapped on the lower portion of the room. Start out by collecting the green key to the left of where you started. Then drop down when it is safe to land to the left of the Bishop. Hop over to the left Bishop-occupied platform, and jump up to the green key above (collect the extra life potion as well if you wish). Stay there until the Knight below begins walking to the right. Then drop down to Knight's platform when he is on the right side. Drop off that platform to the left and collect both green keys. With no where else to go, you must enter the lower green door.

Step 38[edit]

Castle Excellent WT38.gif

Use the floating platform with care to reach the ledge above to the left. Push the block into the well below so that it lands on the small platform below while it is traveling left. The block will fall down and cause the block to get stuck in the left position. This will enable you to collect the green key safely. Then jump back up and return to the right. Reach the middle green door (you can make it in one jump, or you can use the platform) and return to the previous room. Back track all the way to the room in Step 36 (don't open any other doors), and ride the elevator all the way up to the room above the Fairy room.

Step 39[edit]

Castle Excellent WT39.gif

Head over to the right and jump over the first elevator. Drop down the gap and be sure to collect the yellow key. Then hop back up and over the second elevator. Open the lower right door and pass through.

Step 40[edit]

Castle Excellent WT40.gif

Head right and reach the small elevator. Ride it to the top and push the pulley block to the right. All that you're going to do with it is use it as a weapon against the two Bishops below. Push the block to the left, and then again to the right, so that it drops down to the level with the Bishops. Then push it to the left, crush the two Bishops, and let the block fall through the gap. Jump over and collect the blue key, and then drop through the gap yourself.

Step 41[edit]

Castle Excellent WT41.gif

Hop over the small elevator, and fall down to the area with the extra life potion and yellow keys. Be careful to avoid the spikes and collect those keys. Then hop back up to the ledge below the elevator. Make the long leap over to the dark blue door and pass through it.

Step 42[edit]

Castle Excellent WT42.gif

You're back in the Fairy room, but you're still not quite ready to rescue her, since you have no more blue keys. To remedy this, ride the small elevator to the room above.

Step 43[edit]

Castle Excellent WT43.gif

You may have seen these two dark blue keys before, but you could not access them until now. Collect the keys and exit through the door. Now retrace your steps and return all the way back to the Fairy room.

Step 44[edit]

Castle Excellent WT44.gif

Back in the Fairy room, jump over to the jar and push it down to the right. This will enable you to access the dark blue and rescue the Fairy. After some music is played, you will be rewarded with a rare red key. Collect it, and then jump on to the large elevator and return to the room above.

Step 45[edit]

Castle Excellent WT45.gif

Once here, ride the right elevator to the top and access the room above. Be careful of the flames; avoid getting burned.