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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to control Simon Belmont. Press left or right to make Simon walk in either direction. Press up or down while standing in front of, or on stairs to make him climb up or down the steps. Press down while standing on the ground to crouch.
  • A button: Press the A button to make Simon jump. Simon can jump straight up, or he can jump to the left or right by holding the direction pad in either direction when you press A.
  • B button: Press the B button to direct Simon to attack. Normally, Simon attacks with his whip. He can whip high while standing, or whip low while crouching.
  • Up dpad+B button: Hold up on the direction pad when you press B to make Simon use whatever special weapon is in his possession, assuming he has enough hearts to power the weapon's use.
  • Start button: Press Start to begin a new game, or press it in the middle of the game to pause the action.
  • Select button: Not used.

Simon Belmont[edit]

During the life of Simon Belmont, the Belmont name was well known and quite famous, making Simon famous as well. When the Count Dracula once again awoke in 1691 and started terrorizing the people of Transylvania, they sought out Simon, who was promptly on the case. It is up to you to help Simon fulfill the Belmont legacy once again and defeat Dracula.

As a Belmont, Simon has trained long and hard in the use of the whip as his primary method of attack. The Belmont family whip, known as Vampire Killer, is blessed with several holy properties, and charmed with additional unholy magic. As a result, it's strength can change to reflect the heart of its wielder. For example, it can grow in length, change from leather to chain, and become adorned with a morning star. Whatever form it takes, Simon strikes enemies with the Vampire Killer with deadly precision, and enough strength to dispatch zombies and disenchant skeletons. Simon is also quite athletic, and can jump over small gaps with ease. Dracula's castle is full of pits and traps that must be avoided in order for Simon to survive. The ability to jump over dangers at any moment's notice will serve him well. Simon can even use his weapon while in the middle of a jump.

Lastly, Simon has the ability to wield an assortment of secondary weapons, although he can only hold on to the ability to wield one weapon at a time. These secondary weapons include daggers, axes, vials of holy water, cross-shaped boomerangs, and stopwatches. In order to utilize these secondary weapons, Simon must collect hearts that provide him with power. For most weapons, small hearts that appear from candles and other flames provide him with one use, while large hearts gift him with five uses. Only the stopwatch requires five hearts per use. Simon is ordinarily limited to throwing one of these weapons at a time, but if he collects the double shot or triple shot, he will be granted the ability to throw more.

In order to succeed in his mission, Simon must make it all the way through each portion of Castlevania, defeating the five sub-bosses, including Death itself, before reaching the final chamber of Count Dracula. Throughout his mission, Simon's health will be visible at the top of the screen through the vitality meter. Simon will lose a life if this meter is ever reduced to nothing, if the stage timer runs out, or if he falls in a pit, water, or on spikes. Simon will gain extra lives when your score reaches 30,000 and again at 80,000 and every 50,000 points thereafter. If Simon loses all of his lives, you will be permitted to continue, but it will be back at the start of the stage that he died in, no matter how far along he was.


Stages Damage Hits per Life
1 - 6 2 8
7 - 12 3 6
13 - 18 4 4

You have sixteen bars of health, and how many bars are lost per hit depends on the stage you're in. As you progress, enemies do more and more damage. However, every attack in a stage, whether it's from a common enemy, boss, or projectile, will do the same amount of damage. Falling in a pit/water or hitting spikes will instantly kill you on any level.


For points gained from defeating enemies and bosses, see the appropriate page.

Points are for more than trying to get a high score - you earn a bonus life at 30,000 points and then another for every 50,000 points.

Item Value Notes
Moneybags 100, 400, or 700 points Common items found in candles or from enemies.
Bonuses 1000 or 2000 points Very difficult to find, as it requires you to be standing on the right spot.
Double Shot 700 points Only if you're either carrying a Stop Watch or have no secondary weapon.
Hearts 100 points/heart Awarded after a boss fight for each leftover heart. Picking up hearts during a stage does not earn you points.
Time 10 points/second Awarded after a boss fight, once you touch the Crystal Ball.
Special 1000, 2000, or 4000 Awarded for destroying two or more enemies in a single shot, using a weapon other than the whip. Destroying two enemies awards 1000 points, three awards 2000 points, and four awards 4000 points.
Enemies 100 - 1400 Each enemy gives a different amount, and some projectiles are worth 100 points. You do not receive any points for enemies killed with a cross.
Bosses 3000 - 7000 All bosses except Dracula earn you points when you defeat them.


Simon's current status is displayed along the top of the screen at all times.