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Hidden Items[edit]


Castlevania Money 1000.gif

Throughout the castle, there are several special bonuses including money bags (1000 points) and crowns/treasures (2000 points). These nearly impossible to find bonuses are revealed by crouching or standing on appropriate blocks.

Stage Reveal
Stage 1 In the first section, jump over the castle door to reveal a flashing money bag. Jump back, grab it, then walk through the doors. You have to time your jump perfectly, otherwise you'll automatically walk through the doors.
Stage 2 On the far right side of the underground passage (the one with the Fishmen), there are two inaccessible blocks below the stairs. Break the upper right most block and you can drop down. Crouch on the lowest blocks to reveal the money bag.
Stage 4 In the first room, climb the first set of stairs and break the blocks on the right wall. Walk into the gap to reveal a crown.
Stage 5 On the lower level, there is one spot where you have to jump up to two raised blocks. Stand still for a few seconds to reveal the treasure box.
Stage 6 In the hall with archways and medusa heads, stand still for a few seconds in the fourth archway to reveal a money bag.
Stage 7 Midway through the upper level you will come to a second where you have to cross a somewhat wide gap by jumping across platforms (this is immediately after a floating set of stairs that you cannot reach). Below is a dead end platform; crouch at the very end to reveal the money bag.
Stage 8 On the upper level you will see two floating blocks below you that you can't reach (directly under the Stop Watch). Kneel directly above these blocks to reveal the money bag. It may appear off screen, so walk back after kneeling for a second or two.
Stage 9 In the boss room, before the screen gets locked, stand on the block above the one containing the turkey and walk to the left for a few seconds. A money bag will appear but it will usually be unreachable.
Stage 13 When you are walking along the high platform near the shot multiplier, push against the right wall for a few seconds. A 1UP will appear down the stairs. (This is the only 1UP in the first quest of the game.)
Stage 14 There is an alcove with some beakers and jars in the background. Stand still in it for a few seconds and a money bag will appear.
Stage 14 Near the end, after get past the Red Skeletons, you'll climb as set of stairs with an Axe Knight at the top. Jump up to the platform above and to the right, then drop down the right side, onto two raise blocks. Crouch to revel a money bag directly below.
Stage 14 After the red skeletons, pass beneath the stairs to reach an area with gating in the background. Stand still on the left side for a few seconds to make another money bag appear.
Stage 17 Crouch on the right side of the lowest gear of the tower to reveal a money bag. Be very careful of the Eagles and Fleamen as you go for this one.

The second quest has a few more secrets which can be seen in this video:[1].

Pot Roasts[edit]

Castlevania Pot Roast.png

Life restoring Pot Roasts can be found by destroying certain blocks throughout the castle. Each Roast restores six bars of health, so finding one can easily be the difference between life and death.

Stage Found
Stage 2 In the first part of the stage (before you go down the stairs to the underground waterway, there is a wall composed of small blocks on the right side. Break the lowest blocks to reveal the Roast, but be ready to kill the bat that appears.
Stage 5 On the upper level, on the far right side you have to jump up to the top ledge so you can double back. Right above the gap you jump through are two raised blocks. Destroy the right one for a Roast.
Stage 6 The left most block of the platform you start the stage on contains the Roast.
Stage 7 The left block of the second set of raise blocks contains the Pot Roast. Deal with all of the nearby Fleamen before going for it.
Stage 9 The lowest block in the boss room contains the Roast. Save it until you absolutely need it, as the block makes an excellent ledge to attack from.
Stage 12 The block that the first Bone Dragon is attached to contains the Pot Roast.
Stage 13 Near the exit door, right after the Red Skeletons, is a stack of blocks. Destroy the upper left one for the Pot Roast.
Stage 15 Break the far right wall, right past the stairs to the upper level, for the Pot Roast.
Stage 17 The right wall on the same level as the third horizontal gear from the top contains the Roast, but it may be more trouble than it's worth since you'll be constantly attacked by Eagles and Fleamen.

Shot Multipliers[edit]

Castlevania Triple Shot.png

Shot Multipliers allow you to have two or three special weapons on screen at once, which lets you kill things, especially the bosses much more quickly. Multipliers can be dropped by enemies or candles, but also found in certain blocks.

Stage Found
Stage 3 In the boss's room, break the right block at the base of the stairs.
Stage 4 Once on the upper level, you will soon come to a narrow pit with a Spear Knight. The top block on the right wall of this pit contains the Multiplier.
Stage 6 After the three spike traps, you'll come to a set of stairs. Break the left block at the base of the stairs.
Stage 13 On the upper level, once you reach the very top, you'll find a set of stairs taking you back down. Go down, and break the block in the lower right corner of the low ceiling.
Stage 14 At the very top, you'll pass by three coffins in the background. Head left, down the stairs, and up the next set. Jump up to the ledge on the right and break the right wall.

Second Quest[edit]

After you beat Dracula and the game one time, you can continue after the credits roll. You will begin back at Stage 1 with any special weapon that you had the last time, but the game will be much more difficult. Every time that you get hit, you will sustain four units of damage, so you can only be hit four times before dying. The enemies also come in larger numbers and move significantly faster, though they don't take any additional hits to kill.

Additional changes:

  • Stages 1 - 3: In all above grounds sections, Bats will be constantly flying about, often at the most inconveniently height possible. Fishmen and Ghouls will also appear in much greater numbers.
  • Stages 4 - 6: All three stages are now populated with Medusa Heads. The spikes in Stage 6 now pose one of the greatest challenges of the game since you have to try and time your movements while avoiding the Heads.
  • Stages 10 - 11: Many, many more Bats than before, and they now appear along side the Eagle/Fleaman teams (which also appear in greater numbers). The Fishmen are much more numerous in the underground river and may jump up directly below you.