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The enemies that appear in this first leg are simple to destroy. Consider these practice stages in preparation for more difficult ones to come. Practice the use of items, the timing of your whip, and jumping. The Vampire Bat can be destroyed with flying weapons.

Stage 1[edit]

Part A[edit]

Castlevania Stage 1a.png

Part B[edit]

Castlevania Stage 1b.png

The only enemies that will encounter are Ghouls and Panthers. You can proceed safely by striking them with your whip. Because the Panther's attack is faster than you might expect, try to time your strike accordingly.

Jump beyond the door for this bonus
  1. Enemies don't appear until you enter the castle. Completely power-up the whip by grabbing the upgrades from the torches leading up to the front gate. If you jump across the castle entrance to the right of the door, a hidden money bag worth 1000 points will appear back on the right side.
  2. You can destroy Ghouls by striking them with your whip. However, when they come in groups be prepared by cracking your whip without stopping. It's important to practice the timing of this technique.
  3. Holy Water is effective against the Panther. You'll find it inside the candle at the top of the stairway. If you don't have Holy Water, remember to crack your whip just before the Panther jumps.
  4. If you strike the block at the end of the stairway with your whip and drop down to the lowest ledge, a bonus treasure bag will appear. It's a good strategy to use these opportunities to earn extra points as you will earn extra lives after gaining enough points.
  5. You clear the stage when you go over the stairway. A cross is hidden at the top of the last stairway. This has the power to clear all enemies from the screen at once.

Stage 2[edit]

Castlevania Stage 2.png

Although Stage Two is short, you can't clear it without using the underground path. New enemies include Fishmen and Bats. The timing of your jumps is very important since you'll lose a life if you fall in the water.

Crouch down on the lowest platform for a bonus
  1. Bats flutter toward you in a wave like motion. Because bats fly at different heights, pay close attention to how high you crack your whip. If necessary, strike from the crouching position. If you break the block at the bottom of the left stairway, a Pot Roast appears. This is a precious item that will restore six lost life bars.
  2. As soon as a fishman comes out of the water, quickly hit it with your whip before they attack you. Once again, the timing of your attack is very important. At the very end of the water portion, crouch down after destroying the block on your right and wait for the bonus money bag to appear. Collect the bonus, but be careful of fishmen.

Stage 3[edit]

Castlevania Stage 3.png

This is the final stage where the boss, the Phantom Bat, awaits. As you descend the stairway, an important item, the Axe, is hidden in the candle on your right.

Don't miss the Shot Multiplier before the fight
  1. The Invisibility Potion is hidden in the middle of the stairway. Collect it an move fearlessly through the enemies until its effects wear off.
  2. The Axe appears when you destroy the candle in the middle of the last stairway.
  3. The block at the bottom of the stairway at the far right edge of the stage contains a Shot Multiplier (most likely a Double Shot).

Battling the Bat[edit]

See the bosses section for more.

Before heading upstairs in the castle, you must do battle with a giant black Phantom Bat who swoops down from the high vault. Use the Axe, which is located above the steps to the left, or jump onto the block and use your whip (you can use the whip in conjunction with the Stop Watch, if you have it). The Phantom Bat is the easiest of the guardians, and the Double Shot will help. As with all bosses, once you defeat it, you'll get a glowing orb that refills your energy and allows you to pass to the next stage.