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Beginning with this leg, the number of enemies, as well as your challenge, increases. Important techniques, such as anticipating enemies' movements and hopping over obstacles and holes in the floor, are now required.

Stage 4[edit]

Castlevania Stage 4.png

The only enemies appearing in Stage 4 are Spear Knights and Bats. This is a short stage and should be relatively easy to clear. The trick is to pay attention to the Bats' movements and to strike the Spear Knight repeatedly with your whip.

Walk into the wall for a bonus
  1. The Boomerang is hidden in the first candle of this stage. Also, if walk to the end of the platform above the first stairway, break the blocks in the wall to your right. Step inside and a flashing crown will appear under the stairway. Climb down to collect it for 2000 points.
  2. You'll see a Spear Knight standing underneath here. You can kill it easily with Holy Water or an Axe, otherwise just ignore it. If you break the block on the corner of the platform to the right, a Shot Multiplier item will appear.
  3. One more Spear Knight stands in front of the door at the end of the stage. The best way to defeat him is with flying weapons.

Stage 5[edit]

Castlevania Stage 5.png

The small Medusa Heads appear throughout this stage from the far side of the screen. You may have some trouble destroying them at first, so focus on dodging instead. Be careful of the holes scattered about the place as the Medusa Heads will likely knock you into them.

Stand still on the high platform until the bonus appears
  1. Small Medusa heads appear right away. Learn the timing of their wave motion so you can dodge them easily. A Dagger appears in the candle located near the center of the lower floor; take it only if you don't have any other weapon.
  2. There are two blocks near the middle that are elevated above the rest. If you stand on them for a moment, you'll see a Treasure Box coming up from the blocks on the right - collect it for 2000 points.
  3. If you want to safely make it through this upper floor, whip the Medusa Heads while crouching. You can bypass a large section of this floor if you intentionally get hit while jumping off the floor of the third platform by a passing Head. You should get thrown to the floor up above, and you can quickly exit to the next stage. This is, however, dangerous as you may end up in a pit if your timing is off.
  4. The Pot Roast is hidden in the top-right corner of the section, in the highest step. Be sure to take it if your energy is low, as it will replenish your energy. There is a Stop Watch in a nearby candle; get it if you are have been having trouble with the enemies in these last two stages.

Stage 6[edit]

Castlevania Stage 6.png

In this stage, you encounter spike traps as well as fire-breathing Bone Towers and Ghosts.

Grab this hidden Shot Multiplier
  1. There is a Pot Roast in the block at the beginning of the stage. Grab it if you aren't at full health.
  2. To deal with the spikes, move as soon as the spikes start to ascend (don't wait until they are back at the top). The second trap is the most difficult as it drops a much shorter distance. If you have the Stop Watch, simply use it when the spikes are at the top and run past.
  3. The Shot Multiplier is hidden in the block at the bottom of the stairs. If you have the Boomerang, it is very helpful against the Bone Towers.

Managing Queen Medusa[edit]

See the boss section for more.

While the Medusa of Greek mythology (and future Castlevania games) could turn a hero into stone, this one is fairly easy to beat. A continuous attack using the whip or Boomerang will work wonders (especially if you have the Triple Shot), but it's even easier using the Holy Water since she almost always hovers close to the ground. If you have the Stop Watch use it to freeze her and her snaky hair, then whip her continuously.