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These are the default controls. Controls can be customized by going into the "Config." section of the menu. Changing the jump and attack buttons will also change what buttons are used for combinations, such as slide attacks. So if you change Attack to A button, then sliding attacks will be performed with Down dpad and A button.

Button Control
Neutral dpad
  • Move character.
  • Move cursor on menu screen.
A button
  • Jump while playing.
    • Press again to double jump (requires Double Castlevania CotM item-double.gif).
  • Confirm command on menu screen.
B button
  • Attack with whip
  • Cancel on the menu screen.
L button
  • Turn DSS on or off.
R button
  • Use a special move or item. Only works if proper relic has been picked up.
    • Left dpad/Right dpad, R button — Uses Tackle Castlevania CotM item-tackle.gif to damage enemies and break stone blocks. (Must be moving before R button is pressed.)
    • Left dpad/Right dpad+R button (if airborne) — Kick jump off a wall (requires Kick Boots Castlevania CotM item-kick boots.gif).
    • Up dpad+R button — Uses Roc Wing Castlevania CotM item-roc wing.gif to fly/jump.
Start button
  • Pause the game.
  • Bring up the menu.
Select button
  • Display the castle map.
Down dpad+A button
  • Slide kick on solid ground or drop down if on a platform.
Down dpad+B button
  • Perform a crouched attack.
Up dpad+B button
Down dpad, Left dpad/Right dpad, Up dpad+B button
A button+B button+Start button+Select button
  • Soft reset (go back to the title screen without switching the GBA off).