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These are the default controls.

Button Control
Neutral dpad
  • Move character.
  • Move cursor on menu screen.
A button
  • Jump while playing.
  • Confirm command on menu screen.
B button
  • Attack with whip
  • Cancel on the menu screen.
L button
  • Dash
R button
  • Dash
Start button
  • Pause game.
  • Bring up the menu.
Select button
  • Bring up map.
Down dpad + A button
  • Slide down on ground or drop to a lower platform.
Down dpad + B button
  • Perform a crouched attack.
Up dpad + B button
  • Attack with sub-weapon
A button+ B button + Start button + Select button
  • Soft reset (go back to the title screen without switching the GBA off)