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Basic Controls[edit]

These are the controls you have at or soon after the beginning of the game.

Button Control
Stylus button
  • Instruct partner to go to area where you tap the stylus.
  • Confirm on the menu screen.
Start button
  • Open Main Menu.
  • Pause.
Select button
  • toggle between player and enemy status and map display.
Neutral dpad
  • Move character
R button
  • Activate partners skill when partner is on screen.
L button
  • Back dash
A button
  • Confirm on menu screen
  • Call partner (press again to send them away)
B button
  • Cancel on menu screen
  • Jump
X button
  • Switch characters.
Y button
  • Attack
L button + R button + Select button + Start button
  • Soft Reset (return to title screen without manually turning the system off and on).

Special Controls[edit]

These are controls that are available only after gaining a special relic. Locations of these relics are detailed in the Walkthrough

Button Control
Up dpad + Y button
  • Attack with equipped skill (either a subweapon or magic, depending on who you're playing as)
Up dpad + X button
  • Activate Dual Crush (special attack that uses up both Jonathan's and Charlotte's MP)
Up dpad + L button
  • High-Jump (only available after obtaining the relic).
Down dpad + B button
  • When on a thin floor, drop down (this is available from the start).
  • When on the ground, slide (only available after obtaining the relic).