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Relics in Portrait of Ruin are items that give Jonathan and Charlotte extra abilities, such as being able to slide and do a double jump. You are able to turn them off and on in the main menu. Note that you can find out the specific control processes to use these techniques in-game, so they are not mentioned here.

Relic Location Ability
Change Cube Castle Entrance, when you first enter the Castle - you can't miss it! Permits you to change being playing as Jonathan or Charlotte.
Call Cube Castle Entrance. Permits you to call upon your non-player character by pressing A. He or she will follow you around and fight for you.
Wait Cube Castle Entrance Permits you to make your partner wait.
Book of Spirits Castle Entrance Allows you to see the name of the enemy you're fighting against.
Lizard Tail Complete Quest 1: Preparations from Wind. He'll give you this Relic in exchange. Permits Jonathan and Charlotte to slide under things.
Skill Cube City of Haze You can now make your partner use his or her equipped spell.
Acrobat Cube City of Haze Permits you to jump, using your partners shoulders as a spring board.
Push Cube City of Haze Permits you to push heavy objects by calling upon your partner to help.
Whip Skill 1 Castle Entrance After attacking and while still holding the attack button, you can now use the direction pad to move the whip.
Stone of Flight Great Stairway Double jump
Strength Glove Sandy Grave Allows you to push really, really heavy items.
Critical Art Nation of Fools After attacking, a particular button combination allows you to deal critical damage.
Griffon Wing Forgotten City Fly high in the air - you don't even need to jump to use this ability.
Whip Skill 2 Complete Quest 3: Ghosts of the Desert. Wind will give it to you upon completion. Enables you to do a downward slash.
Spinning Art Complete Quest V: The Spinning Art. Wind will give it to you upon completion. Enables you to do a dodge.
Martial Art Complete Quest IX: The Martial Art. Wind will give it to you upon completion. Enables you to do a kick in mid-air.