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  • Monsters: Zombie, Bat, Skeleton, Axe Armor
  • Items: Change Cube(Relic), Call Cube(Relic), Tome of Arms 1, Short Sword, Beef Jerky x2, Knife(Subweapon), Wait Cube(Relic), Raging Fire(Magic), Head Guard, Book of Spirits(Relic), CASTLE MAP 1, Lizard Tail(Relic)


After starting the game and learning the story you'll be introduced to Jonathan and Charlotte as well as Vincent. As soon as the dialogue is over go right to the next screen. Drop down and take the (Change Cube(Relic)). It allows you to switch characters with the X button Button. Now jump up the platforms and take the (Call Cube(Relic)). That one lets you call your partner with A button button. Do that while standing on the switch and the gate will open. Go right. Kill 2 Zombies here. Go right twice. Kill 2 Zombies and a bat here and take the (Tome of Arms 1) and a (Short Sword). Equip them on Charlotte and Jonathan. In the bottom left corner of the room, attack the wall to get a (Beef Jerky). Go to the lower right. This is a save room. Save here.

Exit the save room and go to the upper right. In here go right attack the broken pillars until you see a monster coming from the left. Go quickly to the right and jump up to get a (Beef Jerky). Stay on those platforms until the monster rams in to the right wall, revealing a passage for you. Hey, thanks :). In here take the (Knife(Subweapon)), it gets automatically equipped on Jonathan. To use it press Up dpad + Y button at the same time. Anyway, go to the lower right and save.

You can't get that relic up there, yet, so go upper left. Kill 2 Skeletons and go to the left. In here take the (Wait Cube(Relic)) and press A button. Then press Down dpad + A button and go to the right of the statue and starting pushing. When you get to the point when you can jump up, select Charlotte and jump on the platform. It's so funny watching Jonathan from the statue :D. Get the (Raging Fire(Magic)), it gets automatically equipped on Charlotte. Go left. Kill 2 Skeletons and 1 Axe Armor here and go left. Here take a (Head Guard) and equip it on Jonathan. Go up. Kill an Axe Armor here and take the (Book of Spirits(Relic)), it allows you to see the names of your enemies, which is handy. Go down and to the upper left. This is a warp point, you'll see many of them through the game. It activates when you enter such a room, so just exit. Press a switch down here to open a passage back to the room below. Go lower left. You'll have a bit of dialogue here. You are introduced to Wind and he will be giving quests to you through the game. Talk to him and accept his quest "Preparations". Go right. You'll meet Vincent here. This is his shop and he will sell you potions, weapons, armor and other things. For now buy a (CASTLE MAP 1). You'll hear a sound then. That means you completed a quest. Save and go back to Wind.

He'll give you a (Lizard Tail(Relic)) which lets you slide using Down dpad + B button. After learning about Brauner from Wind exit the room. Go to the lower left using slide. This is a painting: you will see a lot of them in the game. After Charlotte explains what it is, you are automatically warped to the City of Haze.


Change Cube Call Cube
??? Wait Cube
??? ???
Lizard Tail ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? ???
??? Book of Spirits
  • Your level: 02.
  • Jonathan's Equipment
    • Short Sword
    • Knife
    • Casual Clothes
    • Head Guard
  • Charlotte's Equipment
    • Tome of Arms 1
    • Raging Fire
    • Casual Clothes
  • Map Percentage
    • Dracula's Castle: 08.4%.