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Note that the "X" in the stage name is read "peke", meaning something incorrect.

If a player attempted to play this game on the PC-Engine using an outdated system card, they were unable to play the game. Instead, they were presented with a short stage indicating the required system card.

In this stage "The Bloodlines cannot be resolved without Super CD-ROM²", the player controls a deformed Richter, with a high jump and a toy-like whip, but without a life bar or lives indicator. The only enemy is a purple doll, who simply runs forward and knocks Richter back. If the player manages to reach the end of stage, the background will inform that the game can only run with a Super CD-ROM² device and the Super System Card, and a deformed Maria will also appear.

In the PSP game Dracula X Chronicles, this special stage can be unlocked by completing the "Normal Boss Rush" three times. Unlike the original, this variation is named "The Bloodlines cannot be resolved here", and the end of stage instead says "The game cannot be ended. Please press Start to terminate it".