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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Abandoned Mine.png
  • Save Room: (26,36)
  • Warp Room: (33,39)
  • Exits: (26,33) to Underground Caverns, and (30,44) to Catacombs
  • Powerups: none
  • Relics: Demon Card (27,39)
  • Enemies: Corpseweed, Gremlin, Salem Witch, Thornweed, Venus Weed
  • Boss: Cerberos (28,35)
  • Items: Combat Knife, Karma Coin, Peanuts, Power of Sire, Ring of Ares, Shiitake, Turkey

Boss: Cerberos[edit]

"Here, boy!"
Intro - (25,33)
No enemies here. Drop to the bottom for a save room, then go into the giant dog mouth, collect hearts in the next room, and go further.
The dog from hell can only spew fire, but in three ways, including a single shot, a repeat shot, and an antiair shot. He may try to jump when cornered.
Crouch and you can dodge most of his attacks. The battle will not last long, and it can be shorter with an ice weapon.

Continue Exploring[edit]

Another area where Richter cannot access.
Right out of boss room you can find a switch. The bad news is, you cannot hit the switch by yourself, and you have to summon a Demon or Tengu (if available) for your help. In case you need a Demon, go down first. Two Salem Witches guard the vertical cave. Move down while taking care of unstable stairs.
At this crossroad, move left to find Demon Card, move right for a warp room, and move down to go deeper. Beware of the Gremlins and the fire they set.
Other than Salem Witches, you can pick up delicious Shiitake on your journey. At the bottom, go left to find a Combat Knife, which has short range but very fast attack speed, and a Karma Coin. When it is done, move right and continue to Catacombs.
You will first find Thornweeds and Corpseweeds in this dark cave. However, the last weed is actually a Venus Weed, who can kick you with vines and throwing roses. Get your shield ready and find safe zones between her vines, and the rest is easy.
No enemies. At the bottom you can find the Ring of Ares, which gives you strength in expense of your defense. Break the left wall for a Turkey (the standard Castlevania mystery of preserving meat in walls), and break deeper to find a hidden cave, with Peanuts, Barley Tea (aka Beer) and a Power of Sire.