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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Anti-Chapel.png
  • Save Room: (32,38) and (59,23)
  • Warp Room: none
  • Exits: (32,39) to Reverse Keep, (44,32) to Death Wing's Lair, (48,29) to Reverse Colosseum, and (57,23) to Necromancy Laboratory
  • Powerups: Life Vial x1, Heart Container x2
  • Relics: Heart of Vlad (37,38)
  • Enemies: Archer, Balloon Pod, Black Panther, Imp, Sniper of Goth
  • Boss: Medusa (37,38)
  • Items: Boomerang, Diamond, Fire Boomerang, Javelin, Manna Prism, Shuriken, Talwar, TNT, Twilight Cloak, Zircon

First Leg[edit]

Assume that you come from Reverse Keep.

No bells in this tower or the two later, but there are Balloon Pods which contain poisonous spores. Drop below for a Magic Missile and a Bwaka Knife, then go to upper left corner for a save, and proceed to the right.
Other than Balloon Pods on the ground, there are Black Panthers who can become liquid and slip to behind you. You will find the guardian of Heart of Vlad in the next room.

Boss: Medusa[edit]

The censorship in first game has been removed.
Armed with shield and sword, she may slash you when cornered. Otherwise, she fires a petrifying ray, and if it hits, she will chain a lightning bolt, dealing additional damage.
However, she has her Achilles Heel. Simply crouch in front of her and keep slashing, and she will be gone quickly. Otherwise, dodge her rays and get close.

Continue Exploring[edit]

More Balloon Pods and Black Panthers.
The second bell tower has a lone Talwar at the bottom.
Even more Balloon Pods and Black Panthers. You may pick up a Masamune if lucky.
Drop to bottom for a Manna Prism, a Smart Potion and a Life Vial. The spike corridor is still there, with a Twilight Cloak, one of your starting gears, in the end. While climbing up, you will encounter Snipers of Goth, and some annoying Imps at upper half. The path to Death Wing's Lair is not blocked. The Confession Room is now useless.
The third Spectral Sword is different that, its minions are already in their formation, and that it drops two special swords, one can leech blood, and the other able to trigger shield spells. The upper left leads to Reverse Colosseum.
Other than Snipers of Goth and Imps, a few Archers occupy the ceiling stairs and shoot arrows. These Archers drop Vorpal Blade, a weaker version of Crissaegrim. You can find more throwing weapons as well as a Heart Container and some jewels in the pots.
There is another Heart Container between the door to Necromancy Laboratory and a save room.