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This page includes all items available in equipment slots other than hands and holder slot. For the shields, please refer to Weapons page.

Any item with "(PS)" or "(SS)" label means that it is only available in that version (PlayStation and Sega Saturn, respectively).


Items: 21 in both PS and SS versions.
Name Type Def Special Source
Sunglasses Head 1 INT -1 Found: Alchemy Laboratory
Felt Cap Head 1 INT +1 Drop: Phantom Skull
Velvet Cap Head 1 INT +2 Buy: $400
Goggles Head 1 INT +4 Found: Royal Chapel
Holy Glasses Head 1 INT +5
Required for best ending
Other: Provided by Maria at Castle Center
Leather Cap Head 2 - Buy: $1000
Ballroom Mask Head 2 - Found: Catacombs
Drop: Bone Pillar
Bandanna Head 2 INT +1 Found: Underground Caverns
Stone Mask Head 2 INT +4 Found: Long Library
Drop: Ghost Dancer
Steel Helm Head 3 INT +1 Found: Clock Tower
Dragon Helm Head 4 STR +4
Lower enemy defense by half
Starting gear
Found: Reverse Clock Tower
Wizard Hat Head 5 STR +1, CON +1, INT +7, ATK +1 Drop: Salome

Name Type Int Special Source
Circlet Head 5 - Buy: $4000
Drop: Marionette
Gold Circlet Head 6 Absorb holy attack and heal Drop: Salem Witch
Coral Circlet Head 7 Immune to curse Drop: Venus Weed
Cat-eye Circlet Head 8 Absorb cat attack and heal a lot Found: Catacombs
Topaz Circlet Head 10 Absorb poison attack and heal Found: Long Library
Ruby Circlet Head 10 Absorb fire attack and heal Found: Floating Catacombs
Opal Circlet Head 10 Absorb ice attack and heal Drop: Frozen Half
Beryl Circlet Head 10 Absorb thunder attack and heal Found: Reverse Entrance
Silver Crown Head 12 - Buy: $12000


Items: 26 in both PS and SS versions.
Name Type Def Special Source
Cloth Tunic Body 1 - Bloody Zombie, Zombie
Alucart Mail Body 2 Equip with Alucart Sword and Alucart Shield for LCK +30 Found: Marble Gallery
Hide Cuirass Body 2 - Found: Alchemy Laboratory
Drop: Dhuron
Bronze Cuirass Body 3 - Found: Long Library
Drop: Axe Knight (Green)
Mirror Cuirass Body 3 Immune to stone (you will take normal damage) Found: Outer Wall
Iron Cuirass Body 4 - Buy: $1500
Drop: Flea Armor, Spear Guard
Healing Mail Body 4 While walking, restore 1 HP every 3 seconds Found: Clock Tower
Fire Mail Body 4 Strong against fire element Found: Castle Keep
Drop: Gremlin, Hellfire Beast, (SS)Ifreet
Steel Cuirass Body 5 - Buy: $4000
Silver Plate Body 6 - Found: Royal Chapel
Gold Plate Body 8 - Found: Clock Tower
Drop: Blade, Gurkha, Hammer
Dark Armor Body 8 Immune to dark element Drop: Malachi
Ice Mail Body 8 Strong against ice element Found: Clock Tower
Drop: Frozen Shade
Lightning Mail Body 8 Strong against lightning element Found: Reverse Keep
Drop: Hellfire Beast
Platinum Mail Body 10 - Found: Castle Keep
Drop: Rock Knight
Holy Mail Body 11 Strong against holy element Found: Entrance
Spike Breaker Body 12 Break spikes when wearing
Required for best ending
Found: Catacombs
Brilliant Mail Body 12 INT +1
Increase strength of subweapons
Drop: Sniper of Goth
Fury Plate Body 13 ATK +1
Gain DEF +20 for a while after taking damage
Found: Reverse Colosseum
Drop: Minotaur
Dracula Tunic Body 14 STR +1, CON +1, INT +1, ATK +3 Other: Super jump from below the Librarian
Diamond Plate Body 15 - Buy: $12000
Mojo Mail Body 15 INT +1
Increase strength of spells and familiars
Drop: Tin Man
Axe Lord Armor Body 15 ATK +2
Becomes Axe Knight
Starting gear (Axe lord mode)
Drop: Spiked Ball
Other: Super jump from below the Librarian
Alucard Mail Body 20 Strong against fire, ice and lightning elements Starting gear
Found: Death Wing's Lair
God's Garb Body 25 CON +2 Drop: Guardian
Walk Armor Body 1 per 60 rooms explored - Found: Catacombs


They have visual effects when Alucard is wearing one.
Items: 8 in PS version and 9 in SS version.
Name Type Con Special Source
Cloth Cape Cloak 1 - Found: Alchemy Laboratory
Reverse Cloak Cloak 3 Unlock "Cloak lining" option under the System Menu to choose the side Buy: $2000
Blood Cloak Cloak 4 LCK -1
Convert damage taken to hearts
Found: Colosseum
Elven Cloak Cloak 5 - Buy: $3000
(PS) Crystal Cloak Cloak 6 Makes Alucard somehow transparent Found: Underground Caverns
(SS) Glaring Cloth Cloak 6 Always glowing
Immune to dark element
Found: Underground Caverns
(SS) Rainbow Robe Cloak 7 Always changing color Found: Clock Tower
Royal Cloak Cloak 8 - Found: Reverse Keep
Joseph's Cloak Cloak 9 Unlock "Cloak color" option under the System Menu to choose color Buy: $30000
Twilight Cloak Cloak 10 - Starting gear
Found: Anti-Chapel


Other than money bags, these are your only income by being able to be sold.
You can find them in many places. Killing an enemy with Jewel Sword may sometimes yield a drop.
They can be equipped as accessories, but have no effect in most cases. In Sega Saturn version however, they can increase the ATT of your Jewel Sword.
Items: 7 in both PS and SS versions.
Name Type Sell Price ATT bonus Drop
Zircon Accessory 150 1 Blue Raven, Merman, (SS)Gargoyle (Lv.15)
Aquamarine Accessory 800 3 Black Crow, Killer Fish
Turquoise Accessory 1500 6 Fire Warg, Skull (Yorick), Paranthroupus (without cleared files)
Onyx Accessory 3000 10 -
Garnet Accessory 5000 16 Wereskeleton
Opal Accessory 8000 23 -
Diamond Accessory 20000 32 -


Two can be equipped at the same time. Some of the effects may stack, while some may not.
Items: 24 in PS version and 25 in SS version.
Name Type Stats Special Source
Ankh of Life Accessory - Increase effect of potions by 50% Found: Royal Chapel
Bloodstone Accessory - Double healing from sucking blood Found: Catacombs
Covenant Stone Accessory STR +15 - Drop: Azaghal
Duplicator Accessory CON -10, INT -10, LCK -10 Consumables will not be used up
Only available after clearing the game once
Buy: $500000
Gauntlet Accessory ATK +5 - Buy: $8000
Drop: Paranthropus, Lion
Gold Ring Accessory - Required for best ending Found: Underground Caverns
Heart Broach Accessory - Reduce heart cost of subweapons by 1/2 with one equipped,
or 2/3 with two equipped
Drop: Dodo Bird
King's stone Accessory STR +10 - Drop: Imp
Lapus Lazuli Accessory LCK +20 - Starting gear (Luck mode)
Drop: Orobourous
(SS) Lyric Card Accessory - Increase chance of your Half-Faerie familiar singing Found: Catacombs
Medal Accessory ATK +1, DEF +1 - Buy: $3000
Drop: Owl Knight
Moonstone Accessory STR +5, CON +5, INT +5, LCK +5 Only work at certain time period Found: Underground Caverns
Mystic Pendant Accessory - Double MP restore rate
Effect does not stack
Found: Royal Chapel
Drop: Bitterfly
Nauglamir Accessory DEF +15 - Drop: Cave Troll
Necklace of J Accessory DEF +5 - Starting gear
Found: Floating Catacombs
Drop: Frozen Half
Ring of Arcana Accessory - Increase drop rate of rare loot
May cause bigger money bag to drop
Found: Necromancy Laboratory
Other: Super jump from below the Librarian
Ring of Ares Accessory STR +24, DEF -24 - Found: Abandoned Mine
Ring of Feanor Accessory STR +7, CON +7, INT +7, LCK +2, ATK +1, DEF +1 - Drop: Karasuman
Ring of Pales Accessory STR +1, CON +1, INT +1, LCK +1, DEF +1 - Buy: $4000
Ring of Varda Accessory STR +30, CON +10, INT +30, LCK +5, ATK +10, DEF +10 Only drops after clearing the game once,
otherwise Turqoise will appear instead
Drop: Paranthropus
Secret Boots Accessory - Makes Alucard taller by one pixel Found: Underground Caverns
Silver Ring Accessory - Required for best ending Found: Royal Chapel
Staurolite Accessory - Increase power of subweapon cross Found: Forbidden Library
Sunstone Accessory STR +5, CON +5, INT +5, LCK +5 Only work at certain time period Found: Reverse Clock Tower
Talisman Accessory - Occasionally nullify ranged damage taken Found: Reverse Entrance
Drop: Bone Musket

Note on Moonstone and Sunstone: The system clock will be used if available (anything other than PS), othewise it will refer to game time passed per every 24 hours. In either case, when the time is between 6:00 and 18:00, the Sunstone will have effect and the Moonstone will not, and vice versa at 18:00 to 6:00.