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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Castle Keep.png
  • Save Room: (37,4)
  • Warp Room: (38,7)
  • Exits: (27,7) to Royal Chapel, and (37,5) to Clock Tower
  • Powerups: Life Vial x2, Heart Container x3
  • Relics: Leap Stone (29,6), Power of Mist (29,4), Ghost Card (37,2)
  • Enemies: Axe Knight (blue), Flea Rider
  • Boss: Richter Belmont (31,3)
  • Items: Falchion, Fire Mail, Frankfurter, Platinum Mail, Pot Roast, Resist Dark, Resist Holy, Resist Stone, Sirloin, Turkey, Turquoise, Tyrfing

First Visit[edit]

Starting from a long corridor, you will face a few Axe Knights. Flea Riders will occationally appear if you stop when hearing their wing flap.
Oddly, the area name is displayed here. Two moving platforms give you access to upper rooms. The lower right leads to a warp room, the upper right is a single room with a sword Tyrfing, which gives -30 ATT penalty. When it is done, move to upper left.
You will need to jump over a few platforms and pillars while getting rid of Flea Riders from above. Luckily, they are very fragile that an Axe can knock them off. At the left end you will obtain the Leap Stone, which provides you the ability of second jump in the air. To test your new power, there is a Turqoise on the platform above, and you can break the wall on the left of it for a Turkey.
With double jump, you can access a lot of new areas, including Olrox's Quarters.

Second Visit[edit]

You will most likely return here with Soul of Bat and maybe Gravity Boots.

You may have come from Clock Tower from the right. For the first time riding on the middle platform, the lion statues in the background will light up as you go up. Once all status are lit, they will stay lit forever. The upper right has a save room. The hole in the ceiling will eventually lead to a single room with a Falchion. Exit from the red carpet on the upper left.
Five years later, the stairway to the throne room has broken. You will need to fly in the open space to fill the map. To the right of (35,1) is a large room with two Life Vials, two Heart Containers and the Ghost Card. Among the pillars below the throne room, there is a small area where you can find Power of Mist, and you can smash the left wall for a Fire Mail.
The hidden switch is still there, hit it to reveal the cellar. The items inside are different, including some foods, some resist potions and a Platinum Mail. On the way to the throne room, there is a pot containing a Heart Container. For the people waiting inside, please refer to this page.