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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Cave.png
  • Save Room: (33,10)
  • Warp Room: (26,7)
  • Exits: (33,13) to Reverse Caverns, and (29,2) to Floating Catacombs
  • Powerups: none
  • Relics: Eye of Vlad (31,11)
  • Enemies: Bat, Corpseweed, Gaibon, Slogra, Thornweed
  • Boss: Death (31,11)
  • Items: Alucard Sword, Green Tea, Life Apple, Power of Sire, Shiitake

Boss: Death[edit]

Get ready.
This one is simple though.
Intro - (34,13)
You will encounter some Gaibons, which, unlike Werewolf and Minotaur, are the same as the one met earlier, yielding little EXP and no drop. Use the save room and run through some similar Slogras, and prepare for a tough fight.
Like in many games, Death has two forms. At first he starts his usual mini-scythe trick, but will also summon two green balls chasing you. After a while he will call back the orbs, and start shooting green skulls as well as summoning two blades. His second form is like a skeletal being holding two hand scythes, but he will either throw one forward, or use both for a downward swing.
A holy weapon is effective, and something to deal with small scythes can be better. Dodge carefully and you will earn Eye of Vlad, the final piece.

Continue Exploring[edit]

Another switch that Demon or Tengu can open. While going upwards, beware of Bats.
After another corridor of Slogras and a shaft of Gaibons, break the same wall for some Green Tea, and break further to find a hidden room with a Power of Sire and a Life Apple.
There are a few Thornweeds, and one of them on the left is actually a Corpseweed. The left end is a warp room, and in the right end is the Alucard Sword, one of your starting gears.
A few more Thornweeds get in the way, as well as some Shiitake. At top of the cave, move right for another Power of Sire. The left exit leads to Floating Catacombs.