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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Clock Tower.png
  • Save Room: none
  • Warp Room: none
  • Exits: (58,9) to Outer Wall, and (37,5) to Castle Keep
  • Powerups: Life Vial x1, Heart Container x1
  • Relics: Fire of Bat (57,6)
  • Enemies: Cloaked Knight, Flail Guard, Flea Armor, Harpy, Medusa Head, Phantom Skull, Skull Lord, Sword Lord, Vandal Sword
  • Boss: Karasuman (38,5)
  • Items: Bekatowa, Bwaka Knife, Gold Plate, Healing Mail, Ice Mail, Magic Missile, Pentagram, Pot Roast, (SS) Rainbow Robe, Shaman Shield, Shuriken, Star Flail, Steel Helm, TNT


This area resembles Stage 7 of Rondo of Blood. Beware that there is no save room in the whole area, so prepare yourself before entering.

You will find a similar broken bridge, which will collapse when you step on the cracks. Instead of large bats, your enemies are mainly Phantom Skulls and Flail Guards, and if you fall off the broken bridge, below is not bottomless pit, but a returning passage with Skull Lords. With Leap Stone you can easily collect Magic Missile and Pentagram under the bridge, but getting Shaman Shield as long as Bekatowa and Ice Mail hung up high is not easy without flying. At the upper right corner there is a small room with Fire of Bat. Both entrances on the left lead to the same shaft.
The first shaft has nothing special, except the infinite Medusa Heads. Move left.
(49,7) to (48,6)
The next two shafts have gears and Harpies as well as infinite Medusa Heads. You will find four round gears in the wall of these rooms, two each. In order to unlock (47,9) and get the treasure (the very same room where Richter saved Annet 5 years ago), smack these gears until they sound like a slight "click" rather than usual "gong" sound. After all gears are in the right place, you can collect Steel Helm, Gold Plate and Star Flail in the room. Before leaving from the left of (48,6), break the wall on the right to find some hidden goods.
Move to (49,4) the roof while getting rid of Flea Armors. In the roof you will find a lone Cloaked Knight above, and a Life Vial and a Heart Container on both sides. If you are playing Sega Saturn version, you can also find the Rainbow Robe, which not only gives stat boost, but also changes color all the time. The Cloaked Knight also drops handy weapons, including the "ranged attack" Heaven Sword.
Another nostalgia area, with familiar Sword Lords. This time, killing them will leave a broken sword (known as Vandal Sword), wielded by some kind of spirit. They also drop good weapons, including a Holy Sword and the infamous Muramasa. For the large room, a Pot Roast can be found in the middle of first three Sword Lords exactly at the same place in Rondo of Blood, and there is a new hidden room at far left end, where a statue in the background points right, opposite to the fake wall. Inside you can find Healing Mail. The exit at (42,5) can be reached by those swinging pendulums.
Five years ago, Richter could break some walls marked with corresponding sub-weapons, to get a favourite one. Five years later, Alucard can find some throwing weapons at the same place, by simply breaking the same walls with any method. To the left where Richter fought with Shaft's ghost, Alucard will meet a different boss before entering Castle Keep.

Boss: Karasuman[edit]

Is he really a boss?
He will first jump, and after landing, he starts to gather crows and then release them in the form of feather knives.
This battle is fairly easy, but the easiest method is to smash him before landing ever once. If done so, he has no chance to pull any trick before giving up his Life Vial.