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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Death Wing's Lair.png
  • Save Room: (30,34)
  • Warp Room: (24,30)
  • Exits: (31,26) to Black Marble Gallery, (35,29) to Reverse Colosseum, and (44,32) to Anti-Chapel
  • Powerups: Life Vial x1, Heart Container x1
  • Relics: Rib of Vlad (41,35)
  • Enemies: Azaghal, Ctulhu, Flying Zombie, Ghost Dancer, Karasuman, Malachi, Medusa Head (both)
  • Boss: Akmodan II (41,35)
  • Items: Alucard Mail, Aquamarine, Heart Refresh, High Potion, Luck Potion, Manna Prism, Opal, Shield Potion, Shuriken, Sword of Hador


No enemies in the first two rooms when you come from Black Marble Gallery.
Like in normal castle, there is a lone sword in the middle of this room. However, unlike a Spectral Sword, this Azaghal has his own phantom and will be wielded to make bigger cuts. He only takes hit in his handle. For the room, the upper right leads to Reverse Colosseum, the upper left has a hidden room behind a breakable wall, and the lower left leads to deeper.
Unlike in normal castle, this hidden room has enemies, including a Malachi and two Ghost Dancers. Staying on the ground is enough to dodge Malachi's large evil ball. At the end of room you will find High Potion, Sword of Hador and Opal.
More Malachies and Ghost Dancers.
The left door leads to a warp room. When it is done, drop below, but do not miss the potions in the shaft.
While there are only Ghost Dancers, beware of the spiked floor, which can be countered with Spike Breaker. Get the Aquamarine at the end and move up.
Move to the save room first. You will need to fly through random Medusa Heads to fill in the map. The left passage leads to Alucard Mail, one of your starting gears. On the ground you will find three Karasumen, once a boss, they are now weak and drop items.
The long corridor has a Shuriken in the middle. Behind the yellow door is a boss guarding the Rib of Vlad, and the passage behind contains a Heart Container.
You will run into a pack of Flying Zombies and Ctulhus. The Flying Zombies are so durable that they will split into two parts on taking hit. After the Life Vial and before moving to Anti-Chapel, check the very same "floor" for a hidden room with a Heart Refresh.

Boss: Akmodan II[edit]

No Death Wing here.
Slowly, he opens his coffin and walks slowly toward you. He may extend his arm bandage to attack you. If you get close, he may try to grab and spin you and then throw into the walls. If he gets hit, he will release poisonous clouds.
Any holy weapon works well, as long as you keep the distance. A cheese method is to wear the Axelord Armor which makes you immune to poison or grab.