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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Floating Catacombs.png
  • Save Room: (31,1) and (39,1)
  • Warp Room: none
  • Exit: (29,2) to Cave
  • Powerups: Life Vial x2, Heart Container x2
  • Relics: Gas Cloud (44,1)
  • Enemies: Bat, Blood Skeleton, Frozen Half, Salome, Skeleton
  • Boss: Galamoth (42,1)
  • Items: Attack Potion, Buffalo Star, Diamond, Elixir, Gas Cloud, Karma Coin, Library Card, Magic Missile, Necklace of J, Red Bean Bun, Resist Fire, Resist Thunder, Ruby Circlet, Shield Potion


No, they are Blood Skeletons.
Castlevania SotN Floating Catacombs 2.png

This area is optional. However you can find the biggest challenge in the game.

No enemies. Behind the save room is a Magic Missile, and a Buffalo Star in the wall.
These Salomes will protect their charging with a bullet-proof shield. Attack from behind and beware of the lethal cats they throw.
A room full of Bats on the ceilings. From here, head left for more goodies, or head to upper right to find the boss.
Yet another Salome, along with a Frozen Half. Do not leave the Frozen Half for too long, otherwise he will kick you with a full-screen blizzard.
The reversed version of spike room. Use Spike Breaker.
You will run into some strange yellow skeletons, but they are actually Blood Skeletons ("Red Skeleton"s in Japanese version), only that they stand up much faster. Run to the left end, open the pots and get the goods, then move up.
A Red Bean Bun sits in the left corner. Go right and there is an abundant pack of white Blood Skeletons. Run over them to reach the safe area behind, where you can collect an Elixir and a hidden Library Card.
Luckily, the swarm of Blood Skeletons here are standard ones. Behind them is a single room with a Life Vial and a Heart Container.
There is a lone Frozen Half to play with.
Oddly, there are normal Skeletons along with another Frozen Half. The lava is glowing green above.
Drop below to find some pills (or as they are named, "potions"), and break the right wall to find Necklace of J in the room behind. Being a starting gear, it may have been overmatched by a lot of stuffs, and the Frozen Halves also drop it.
Green Blood Skeletons. Not again.
Finally a safe area. Behind the save room is a Diamond. Prepare yourself for the greatest challenge.

Boss: Galamoth[edit]

Probably stronger than Dracula.
He is so tall that you cannot see his head while on the ground. He likes to release lightning rain and lightining waves, as well as shooting some black energy orbs. He may rarely smash you with his scepter.
His head has lower defense than other body parts, so that you may try to focus your attacks there. A Beryl Circlet makes his lightning attacks no more than laughter, though without a good weapon, the battle is still tough.
As Richter, the only method is to reach the platform behind his head and spam dagger item crushes. As Maria (SS), if you are not ready to use invincibility, run.
You can find a Life Vial and a Heart Container in the room behind. Go deeper and you can collect a Ruby Circlet and the final relic, the Gas Cloud which makes your mist form another weapon.