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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Marble Gallery.png
  • Save Room: (27,22) and (29,22)
  • Warp Room: none
  • Exits: (19,21) to Alchemy Laboratory, (25,31) to Cursed Prison (Sega Saturn only), (18,31) to Entrance, (58,20) to Outer Wall, (38,21) to Underground Caverns, (28,20) to Olrox's Quarters, and (30,22) to Castle Center
  • Powerups: Life Vial x2, Heart Container x2
  • Relics: Spirit Orb (23,27), Gravity Boots (32,18)
  • Enemies: Axe Knight (green), Ctulhu, Diplocephalus, Flea Man, Ghost, Marionette, Ouija Table, Plate Lord, Slinger, Skelerang, Skeleton, Stone Rose
  • Boss: none
  • Items: Alucart Mail, Alucart Shield, Alucart Sword, Attack Potion, Hammer, Library Card, Life Apple, Potion, Str. Potion
  • Notice: From (30,23) and below, the area counts as "Castle Center", which is small with only one purpose.

First Visit[edit]

For the first time, you must reach Outer Wall. You may choose to open the path to Entrance, or grind some levels in Cursed Prison if possible.

These green Axe Knights are easy. Move to the right.
Jump off the ledge. From your landing point, to the right is a save room, but beware of the table outside - it is a monster, named Ouija Table. You may go downward and head to Entrance for some goods, but you will eventually want to go up and continue to Outer Wall.
While going down, take out the Slingers and Marionettes. You may see a Str. Potion and a Hammer high in the cellars, and shall return here later. At lower left corner, two Marionettes are guarding the Spirit Orb, which allows you to see damage dealt to enemies. The next shaft has no enemies.
This room is divided into three stories. The upper floor has a lone Plate Lord. Beware of his chain ball. Skelerangs occupy the stairs to second floor. Then you will run into infinite Ghosts. Proceed to lower floor and prepare yourself for a tough Ctulhu. After that, leave from the left and go to Entrance, open the passage and save there, then return to above. For those playing Sega Saturn version, there is a door to Cursed Prison on the right side of lower floor.
There are only two Fleamen in this room of clocks. Proceed to the right and you will meet...
She is too young though.
This girl is Maria Renard (17), the very same Maria (12) from Rondo of Blood. She fails to reveal the true identity of Alucard as it seems. After talking, she will leave. For now, proceed to the right.
Another clock room with Fleamen. The next room has no enemies, but you can find the Holy Book and Rebound Stone.
More Ouija Tables, along with Slingers and Skeletons.
The second candle contains Stopwatch, and there is a shut hole in the floor. Remember them.
At the crossroad, you come from upper left, the lower left is a dead end with an Ouija Table, the upper right leads to a blue door, and the lower right is the path you must proceed. There is another shut hole in the floor.
Return here after buying Jewel of Open, get through the blue door and step on the switch. The aforementioned two holes in the floor will be open now. At (42,21) you can find an Attack Potion and a Library Card, and from (38,20) you can access Underground Caverns.
In this longest corridor, you will first encounter some Diplocephaluses. While you can stand on their backs, they only take damage from lower body. After an obviously different candle with $250, you will run into two Stone Roses, who can petrify you. Shake your direction stick if you are stoned, to prevent from taking more damage. There is a big eyeball in the background, but he does nothing. The far end leads to Outer Wall, your next destination.

The room of Giant Clock[edit]

The room of (30,21) has a large clock indicating the time used for controlling various objects. It is the played time in PSX versions, or the machine clock in Sega Saturn or later consoles. There are six paths leading to different areas:

  • The left passage leads to left half of the area, and the right passage to right half.
  • The upper left statue will slide out every other minute, which opens the path to Olrox's Quarters. Before the door you can find a Life Vial.
  • The upper right statue will slide out when you use a Stopwatch. Go to (37,19) for one when needed. Inside will be two rooms with a Heart Container and a set of Alucart gears. While each piece of Alucart gears gives low stat bonus, wearing them all gives you LCK +30 bonus, and sets your status as "alucart" regardless of your actual status.
  • With Soul of Bat you may enter the hole in the middle of ceiling. In the top room, you can find a Potion and a Life Apple on the left, and the Gravity Boots on the right. This will save your time whenever going upward.
  • For the gimmick in the floor, check this page.