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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Reverse Entrance.png
  • Save Rooms: (44,14), and (56,12)
  • Warp Room: (46,13)
  • Exits: (44,15) to Necromancy Laboratory, (41,15) to Black Marble Gallery, (46,10) to Reverse Caverns, and (58,7) to Hell Garden (Sega Saturn only)
  • Powerups: Life Vial x1, Heart Container x1
  • Relics: none
  • Enemies: Blue Venus Weed, Dodo Bird, Dragon Rider, Fire Warg, Jack O'Bones, Nova Skeleton, Orobourous, Warg Rider
  • Bosses: none
  • Items: Antivenom, Beryl Circlet, Fire Boomerang, Hammer, High Potion, Opal, Pot Roast, Talisman, Zircon


From Necromancy Laboratory, you can find a Heart Container right on your left, but from Black Marble Gallery you have to detour from above and get rid of some Jack O'Bones and a Nova Skeleton. Remember to utilize the save room and the warp room. The single room on the left has a Talisman, which may occasionally nullify damage from enemy projectiles.
You can choose to climb the stairs on the left or simply fly upward here. The lone room has a Life Vial.
Smash the stair above to find a High Potion. Behind first two Jack O'Bones is a rare Dodo Bird who flees upon seeing you. You may hunt it down for Rune Sword, the last handy ranged weapon, or the Heart Brooch, a must for Cross users. Beware of Dragon Riders who hops around and gets in the way.
Only a Pot Roast stays at the same place. The upper left leads to Reverse Caverns. The method of accessing the hidden room is the same, just remember to reverse the direction, by entering the left side as Bat, and leaving the right side as Wolf. The reversed room has a Zircon and an Opal, but the most important item is the Beryl Circlet, a head gear which absorbs lightning damage.
Helpful, but not useful.
Unlike the last corridor, the hopping bone dragons here are actually Orobourous, which drops items unlike Dragon Riders. If you manage to knock out the rider without killing the Orobourous itself, it will turn yellow and become your ally, ramming into enemies as long as you are in this room. There are also Warg Riders, who become Fire Wargs after taking some damage. In the first PSX version, the Fire Wargs are bugged that they never drop their second loot.
For Sega Saturn players, the entrance to Hell Garden is clear. Otherwise, collect the Hammer and Antivenom in the cellar and return.
Other than Jack O'Bones and Nova Skeletons, you will also encounter Blue Venus Weeds. Below the save room at the other end is a Fire Boomerang.