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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Reverse Keep.png
  • Save Room: (22,42)
  • Warp Room: (21,39)
  • Exits: (32,39) to Anti-Chapel, and (22,41) to Reverse Clock Tower
  • Powerups: Life Vial x3, Heart Container x3
  • Relics: none
  • Enemies: Skull Lord, Tombstone, Yorick
  • Boss: none
  • Items: Bastard Sword, Garnet, High Potion, Iron Ball, Library Card, Lightning Mail, Resist Fire, Resist Ice, Resist Stone, Resist Thunder, Royal Cloak, Sword of Dawn, Zircon


It looks like a face...
...regardless of being upside-down or not.
You can always press up in the center of the "ceiling" to warp back to normal castle. For now, go left through the empty throne room, and all candles and pots have become upside-down as well, though they still drop items according to your gravity. The first reversed pot contains Zircon.
The same cellar is still there, with the ladder already revealed. Inside you will find three Life Vials, three Heart Containers, a Bastard Sword and a Royal Cloak. It may seem to be a great boost, but actually you will face stronger enemies in this castle.
Now you will have to fly around to clear the large room. At bottom left "floor" there is a Yorick chasing his Skull forever, and you can find Skull Lord above the broken pillars. At the same place where you had claimed Power of Mist, the area is empty, but the wall contains an Iron Ball. At the place where you had claimed Leap Stone, there is a Garnet, and the wall contains Sword of Dawn, an odd two-handed sword able to summon some skeletal soldiers to help you.
Instead of powerups, you can find some resist potions and a High Potion.
The platform is missing and the lion statues will not work. The save room is still there, and the room below leads to a Library Card. Do not enter Reverse Clock Tower too early, because you will encounter a boss before able to go further.
To the left you can pick up a Lightning Mail. You can activate the warp room, though it cannot warp to anywhere else at the moment.
The long corridor to the Anti-Chapel is filled with Tombstones. Unlike in Rondo of Blood, they are extremely tough against attacks, especially cuts, so that you need a blunt weapon to clear the path.


Your main objective in the reversed castle is to collect the five Vlad pieces, and find the real enemy behind everything. The Vlad pieces are located in the following areas:

This guide will follow the above order, however players can choose to start from Anti-Chapel, or just go anywhere.