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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Reverse Outer Wall.png
  • Save Room: (1,38) and (6,27)
  • Warp Room: (2,34)
  • Exits: (1,37) to Reverse Clock Tower, (2,30) to Forbidden Library, and (1,26) to Black Marble Gallery
  • Powerups: Life Vial x1, Heart Container x1
  • Relics: Tooth of Vlad (3,28)
  • Enemies: Jack O' Bones, Nova Skeleton, Paranthropus, Stone Skull
  • Boss: The Creature (3,28)
  • Items: Dim Sum Set, Garnet, Hammer, High Potion, Luck Potion, Shield Potion, Shotel


This area will be in random weather, like the normal counterpart.

The first thing is to go down and save, since you may be running low in HP after long journey in Reverse Clock Tower.
The first pot contains a Garnet. While moving up, beware of those indestructable Stone Skulls. The first door leads to a warp room. After that, there will be Jack O' Bones, and you have to climb all the way, since the elevator does not work. The second door leads to Forbidden Library, an optional area. At top of the room, the pot on the left contains a High Potion. While the first room on the right has a Shield Potion, the room behind has a boss.
Another pot holds a Luck Potion. To the right is another detour to the same boss.
This pot has a Life Vial. The exit to the right leads to Black Marble Gallery.
This room has a few Nova Skeletons, along with two Stone Skulls. The lower right corner leads to a lone room with Dim Sum Set in the wall, and the room above has a Shotel and a Hammer. There is no hidden elevator between these rooms. To the top of room, there is a Heart Container, but there is again nothing in the lookout room above. Before leaving, you may want to grind to Level 36 with these Nova Skeletons, since they are fragile, but provide good EXP, and occasionally Terminus Est, a handy sword. But, do remember to dodge their deadly beams, which can inflict more than 100 damage.
The long room has three Paranthropuses. If you have a clear file, this will be the best place for hunting Ring of Varda, the game-breaking accessory.
To the right is another save room. Whyen you are ready, go below and find the boss guarding Tooth of Vlad.

Boss: The Creature[edit]

This is his turn to keep rolling rolling rolling.
Most of the time he will be rolling all around the room. He may try to smash you with his hammer when he stops, but it will not shake the ground.
Keep distance and he will start rolling. Simply jump over him and attack from behind. The Shotel comes handy with excellent range.