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As a tradition of Castlevania series, our heroes can wield various types of sub-weapons, at different costs of hearts.
Notice that, Maria Renard uses different sets of sub-weapons in Sega Saturn (SS) version and Dracula X Chronicle (DXC) version.

List of sub-weapons[edit]

The standard set of hunter's subweapons have holy element, if possible.
Name Cost Effect Variations
Dagger Alucard: 1
Richter: 1
Maria (SS): 4
Throw a dagger that go straight forward Maria (SS) throws three at the same time
Holy Water Alucard: 3
Richter: 1
Maria (SS): 1
Drop a vial which becomes fire on the ground
Fire element
In the case of Maria (SS), the track of vial is slightly higher
Cross Alucard: 100
Richter: 1
Maria (SS): 1
Throw a boomerang that goes forward for a distance, then return Alucard can only use the item crush version
Axe Alucard: 4
Richter: 1
Maria (SS): 4
Throw an axe upward in a curve arc Maria (SS) throws three at the same time, each with different arc
Stopwatch Alucard: 20
Richter: 10
Maria (SS): 10
Freeze some enemies and slow down more, for 5 seconds -
Holy Book Alucard: 5
Richter: 5
Maria (SS): 5
A magic book whips back and forth around the user -
Rebound Stone Alucard: 2
Richter: 1
Maria (SS): 1
Throw a small stone which rebounds on the walls and hit enemies for multiple times -
Aguen Alucard: 5
Richter: 10
Maria (SS): 10
Send a lightning to strike enemy
Hold the button to deal multiple hits by using more hearts
Thunder element
Bibuti Alucard: 3
Richter: 1
Maria (SS): 2
Drop some ashes on the ground, dealing damage to enemies touching -
Maria Doll Maria (DXC): n/a - Only used for item crush
Bird Maria (DXC): 2 Release two fire wings from shoulder and point diagonally upwards
Has no effect in the air but still consume hearts
Fire element
Cat Maria (DXC): 1 Release a cat that runs forward and pounce on an enemy, up to three times
Thunder element
Turtle Maria (DXC): 1 Create a turtle shell staying in front of her, which is able to block projectiles, for a while -
Dragon Maria (DXC): 3 Send a small dragon from behind which goes forward and swoop enemies
Ice element

Item Crush[edit]

Richter and Maria (DXC) can perform special moves with specified sub-weapons, with a higher cost of hearts.
  • Nothing
Richter will enchant himself with power that, his whip gains additional attack with fire element, for a while. Costs 15 hearts.
  • Dagger
Richter will throw lots of daggers forward in high speed. Costs 10 hearts.
  • Holy Water
Richter will summon a rain of holy water, dealing damage to all enemies nearby, for a while. Costs 15 hearts.
  • Cross
Richter or Alucard will be wrapped in a pillar of light, and some huge crucifixes will circle the user while going upwards. Costs 15 hearts for Richter, and 100 for Alucard.
  • Axe
Richter will summon a round of axes, which cycle and fly outward into different directions. Costs 10 hearts.
  • Stopwatch
Instead of a single stopwatch, Richter will call out four, each tickle one after another, resulting in 20 seconds of effect in total. Costs 20 hearts.
  • Holy Book
Richter will release a book overhead, which becomes six pages in a pentagram formation, then channel and release a wide beam at long range. Costs 15 hearts.
  • Rebound Stone
Richter will hold up his fist and release a flash engulfing full screen. Costs 10 hearts.
  • Aguen
Richter will release lightning in all directions for a while. Costs 15 hearts.
  • Bibuti
Richter will release a continuous smoke blast above head for a while. Costs 10 hearts.
  • Maria Doll
Maria will send her doppelganger forward and attack enemies, like in her Rondo of Blood time. Costs 8 hearts.
  • Bird
Maria will summon a giant red bird which attacks with two strains of fireballs. Costs 20 hearts.
  • Cat
Maria will summon a white tiger behind her, which sends wave slashes along with her normal attack, for a while. Costs 15 hearts.
  • Turtle
Maria will summon a turtle which creates a blackhole and steal health from enemies to her. Costs 20 hearts.
  • Dragon
Maria will summon a huge blue dragon which attacks all enemies on the screen. Costs 50 hearts.