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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Underground Garden.png
  • Save Room: (11,40)
  • Warp Room: (0,40)
  • Exits: (1,39) to Entrance
  • Powerups: none
  • Relics: none
  • Enemies: Corpseweed, Gardener, Hitotorisou, Jinnunja, Red Gargoyle, Skeleton Beast, Skeleton Breeder, Slinger, Thornweed, Water Leaper
  • Boss: Skeleton Leader
  • Items: Autograph


You may visit here after meeting Death, but all you can do is to explore this room, use the save room at far right end, and leave with the warp room at far left end. You will first meet Red Gargoyles, and then a few Slingers among Skeleton Breeders and Skeleton Beasts. Then you will run to a broken bridge with infinite Water Leapers hopping around, just like those Mermen you met at Entrance. Do not fall off the bridge without double jump, or you have to get knocked back by those Water Leapers in order to return. At end of path there is a Jinnunja, aka "Man-faced Tree" who tosses his deadly fruit to you. If you can fly, there is a candle high in the left half which contains an Autograph, totally useless now. The Autograph was related to game release event, where the first few players obtaining this can claim a real version of this item.
You can only access here with Soul of Bat and maybe Gravity Boots. Beware of the poison drops from the ceiling. The corridor is flooded with Thornweeds and Corpseweeds, and you will run into a few Gardeners in the first part, and Hitotorisou (aka "Man-eating Flytrap") in the second part. Notice that the Hitotorisous may drop a Sega Saturn exclusive item, the Ivy Shield. The lone room at the right end has a boss, and you will have completed the area after beating that.

Boss: Skeleton Leader[edit]

Maria: You cannot hurt me!
This guy has a few handy weapons in his sleeves (but does he have a sleeve?), including shurikens (he greets you with one), explosives (sometimes when he gets hit), poisonus dash, and a laser from his sword.
Keep distance with him and make a hit-and-run strategy, in order to dodge his explosives and other annoying stuffs. Take your time until he falls.