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These are the different whips that can be found or purchased throughout the land. Once you pick one up you discard the old one; it can not be re-equipped later or sold. Each whip is twice as powerful as the previous one.

Leather Whip Thorn Whip
Castlevania SQ item-whip leather.png

You begin the game with this whip. This is the weakest form of the Vampire Killer. It does one point of damage to any enemy you strike.

Castlevania SQ item-whip thorn.png

You can purchase this whip in the Town of Jova, where you begin the game, for 100 hearts. It's twice as powerful as the Leather Whip, but you may wish to skip this whip in favor of the Chain whip.

Chain Whip Morning Star
Castlevania SQ item-whip chain.png

You can purchase this whip in the Town of Veros, to the right of Jova, for 150 hearts. It is four times more powerful than the Leather Whip, and only 50 hearts more expensive than the Thorn Whip.

Castlevania SQ item-whip star.png

It will take you a while to reach this whip, which is sold in the Town of Oldon beyond the river to the left of Jova. It costs 200 hearts and does eight times the damage of the Leather Whip.

Flame Whip
Castlevania SQ item-whip flame.png

This is the most powerful whip in the game, causing 15 times the damage that the Leather Whip is capable of. It's free, but you must be equipped with the Morning Star and find the person beyond Deborah Cliffs who offers it to you.


Weapons can be found or purchased all around, and you are not limited to carrying only one at a time. You have unlimited usage of a few, most notably the holy water, however most of the stronger ones cost hearts per use.

Dagger Holy Water
Castlevania SQ item-dagger.png

The dagger can be purchased from the Town of Veros, a short trip to the right from the starting town of Jova, for 50 hearts. It does twice the damage of the Leather Whip. It only travels a short distance, but it flies a bit farther than a Leather Whip which makes it useful for striking enemies which lie just out of reach. No hearts are consumed when throwing the dagger.

Castlevania SQ item-holy water.png

The Holy Water can be purchased from a merchant in the town of Jova where you begin for 50 hearts. It does the same amount of damage as the Leather Whip. Its most important use is to discover false bricks. Some false bricks are destroyed by the vials, while others allow the vials to pass through, indicating the presence of an illusion. No hearts are consumed when using Holy Water.

Silver Knife Sacred Flame
Castlevania SQ item-dagger (silver).png

This knife is found in the graveyard just beyond the Town of Aljiba. However, finding the man who will give it to you will require a gift of garlic. It does seven points of damage with each hit, and it passes through the enemies that it touches. It travels quite a long distance across the screen. Every time you throw a silver knife, you consume one heart.

Castlevania SQ item-sacred flame.png

The Mystic Flame is hidden, buried in a wall found along Dabi's Path. When you throw it, it follows the same trajectory as the Holy Water. However, when it lands, a pillar of flame explodes from the ground for a short period of time. Hitting an enemy with the flame causes seven points of damage, with an additional seven points done as long as the enemy is exposed to the flame, which has the additional effect of freezing the enemy in place. One heart is consumed every time you throw a flame.

Gold Knife Diamond
Castlevania SQ item-dagger (gold).png

This is the very knife used by Death itself to slay the living. If you want it, you'll have to defeat Death in Braham Mansion and take the knife from it. It doesn't pass through enemies as the Silver Knife does, but it erupts in a ball of fire when it strikes an enemy. The knife does 15 points of damage, and the resulting flame continues to inflict 15 points of damage to an enemy that is caught in it, and since contact with the flame freezes enemies, the overall damage can be considerable. Using this knife is quite costly at 2 hearts consumed per use, but it is the most powerful thrown weapon you can possess.

Castlevania SQ item-diamond.png

The Diamond is an odd weapon that be useful under certain circumstances. When thrown, it ricochets around the screen, bouncing off platforms and walls at various angles. It causes seven points of damage to any enemies that it strikes along the way. It is simply given to you by a man if you can find him beyond Braham Mansion. Throwing a diamond consumes one heart.


The five parts of Dracula, which are found at the end of a different mansion. You'll need an oak stake to break the orb containing the part. In addition to being important to the plot, parts can be equipped and will give you a special ability, much like the crystals.

Dracula's Rib Dracula's Heart
Castlevania SQ item-dracula's rib.png

The rib is the part of Dracula that you will reclaim from Berkeley Mansion. More like a whole rib cage than just one bone, this part can be used as a shield to deflect many projectile attacks thrown at you by enemies. As long as you do not attack, the shield will protect you from projectiles.

Castlevania SQ item-dracula's heart.png

Dracula's still beating heart can be collected from Rover Mansion. The heart has very little use to Simon personally, but there is one character in the game who will be so impressed with you if you have this in your possession, that he will deviate from his usual course on the river, and ferry you to a secret location.

Dracula's Eye Dracula's Nail
Castlevania SQ item-dracula's eyeball.png

Only one of Dracula's eyes remain, and it's kept inside of Braham Mansion. By activating the eye, you will be able to visualize the location of items buried beneath false blocks, such as the various clue books that are scattered throughout the land.

Castlevania SQ item-dracula's nail.png

One particularly sharp and dangerous nail of Dracula's is stored in Bodley Mansion. When used, the nail bestows power to Simon and enables him to break false blocks with a simple strike of his whip. This allows him to break blocks that are otherwise only removed by Holy Water.

Dracula's Ring
Castlevania SQ item-dracula's ring.png

This final possession of Dracula's is found in the most difficult mansion, Laruba Mansion. Entrance to the bridge that leads to Castlevania itself is only granted to those possess this ring, along with the other four parts of Dracula and the Magic Cross. Without these, all attempts to reach the castle are futile.


Small Heart Half Heart Large Heart
Castlevania SQ item-heart small.png

Small hearts are dropped by the weaker creatures that you defeat. Each small heart actually gives Simon two hearts, while at the same time providing him with one experience point.

Castlevania SQ item-heart half.png

Half hearts are dropped by stronger foes by day, and weaker foes by night. For every half of a heart that Simon collects, he gains four hearts and three experience points.

Castlevania SQ item-heart large.png

Large hearts are only dropped by the strongest creatures. They provide Simon with six hearts and five experience points.

White Crystal Blue Crystal Red Crystal
Castlevania SQ item-crystal (white).png

The White Crystal is the only crystal which must be purchased. You can buy it for 50 Hearts from the starting Town of Jova. Holding the crystal gives you the ability to see the way into Berkeley Mansion.

Castlevania SQ item-crystal (blue).png

To obtain the blue crystal, you must trade the White Crystal for it with a tall man in the Town of Aljiba. Without it, you won't be able to solve the mystery of the lake that separates you from Rover Mansion.

Castlevania SQ item-crystal (red).png

The Red Crystal is obtained by trading the Blue Crystal for it with a tall man found in the Town of Aldora. Once you have it, use it's magic to help you scale the impossible Deborah Cliffs, and reach Bodley Mansion.

Garlic Laurel Oak Stake
Castlevania SQ item-garlic.png

Garlic is a special item in the world of Castlevania. Known for it's abilities to repel vampires, common folk consider it a valuable trading commodity. When place in certain areas (particularly graveyards), grateful citizens may arrive to thank you with a useful item. Garlic can also be used as a very weak weapon against some monsters. Garlic must be purchased at a rate of 2 per 50 hearts. Simon can normally carry up to 4 at a time, but he can find a way to carry more.

Castlevania SQ item-laurels.png

Chewing on the harvested leaves of the Laurel bush will grant a person with a limited period of invulnerability. During this time, this person can rush through enemies without fear of injury, or plow through the poisonous waters of a marsh with no ill effect. Be careful, however, as it only lasts for 10 seconds. Two laurel leaves may be purchased for 50 hearts. Normally, Simon can only hold 4, but a special item will allow him to hold more.

Castlevania SQ item-oak stake.png

The oak stake is the only item that is capable of breaking the protective spell surrounding each of the five parts of Dracula. While searching the whereabouts of these parts, you should locate a salesman found in each mansion who will sell you one stake for the price of 50 hearts. Each stake can only be used once to retrieve one part, and you can only carry one at a time. Notice that, this item is used like a sub weapon, but cannot deal any damage to even the weakest monster around. It is possible to buy another from the same merchant, even if you have obtained the part in the same mansion.

Magic Cross Silk Bag Clue Book
Castlevania SQ item-magic cross.png

Even if you possess all five parts of Dracula, you will be unable to overcome the barricade on the bridge that leads to Castlevania without the magical power of this cross. A devoted follower of Dracula has possession of this item, and you must defeat her in Laruba Mansion to collect it.

Castlevania SQ item-silk bag.png

Laurels and Garlic are a precious commodity. They are fragile, and it's difficult to carry more than four around without a protective sack to put them in. This silk bag is perfect for storing more than four laurels and Garlics at a time. In fact, it can store up to eight. To obtain it, you will have to visit an obscure graveyard and drop a piece of garlic to attract the owner.

Castlevania SQ item-clue book.png

Villagers that you speak to throughout the land of Castlevania are a scared and mistrusting lot. Many people only know half truths. Others fear retaliation from Dracula's minions if they help you. There's only one source of information that you can always rely upon, the thirteen clue books hidden in many mansions and certain paths. If you're having trouble finding them, perhaps one of Dracula's parts will help you "see" them.