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Normal items[edit]

Item Description
Small Heart Hearts are what you need to use secondary weapons in the game as well as Alucard's bat transformation, so stock up on them as frequently as possible. Also, unused hearts are worth bonus points at the end of each stage. Each Small Heart is worth one heart.
Big Heart Each Big Heart is worth five hearts. These things don't show up too often, but don't pass up the chance to stock up. They can sometimes be found in breakable walls, so whip walls often.
Meat Meat is hidden in breakable walls, and it will restore eight units of your life. A very valuable item, so try to memorize the locations where you can find it.
Invisibility Potion These don't show up too often, but if you can get one, you'll gain temporary invulnerability. Very useful in areas where a lot of enemies show up. The effect doesn't last long, but it can be the difference between life and death for you. The only problem is that there is only one in the entire game.
Rosary Again, this doesn't show up too often, but it's extremely useful. Touching it will instantly kill all enemies on the screen.
Shot Multiplier These can be hidden (for Trevor and Grant only) in breakable blocks, or obtained by killing 10 enemies in a row with a subweapon. With one of these, you can have more than one subweapon shot on the screen at a time. Very useful for dealing with large groups of enemies and some bosses. The first such one you find or earn lets you keep two subweapons on screen at once while the second allows three. Note that you lose your Shot Multiplier if you die or pick up a different subweapon.
Morning Star As Trevor or Alucard, get these to improve your attack power. You can get up to two of them for attack upgrading purposes. One turns Trevor's whip into a more-powerful chain whip, and a second adds much-needed length to the whip. One gives Alucard an added upward fireball shot, and two adds a downward shot as well. They appear by replacing the first Small Heart you would otherwise reveal if you have at least four hearts for the first powerup and eight hearts for the second one.


There are basically four classes of sub-weapons: common weapons, holy weapons, spellbooks, and the Stopwatch. The character you are using dictates which item appears in specific candles.

  • Trevor Belmont can use all the same five sub-weapons as his descendant Simon (Castlevania).
  • Everyone can use the stopwatch.
  • Grant Danasty can only use dagger, axe and stopwatch. If Grant strikes a candle that would house another weapon, one of the aforementioned will appear instead: holy water becomes the dagger and the cross becomes the axe. In the original Japanese version he wields a Dagger as his main weapon; he can pick up an axe as a subweapon (all weapon candles will hold an axe).
  • Sypha Belnades can only use spellbooks (and the stopwatch). These will appear in place of the weapons when she strikes those candles. Candles holding daggers or axes will reveal the Fire Spell, ones holding holy water will reveal an Ice Spell, and ones holding a cross will reveal the Water Spell.
  • Alucard can only use the Stopwatch; if he strikes a weapon candle, he will reveal a small heart instead.

Subweapons are specific to each character and stay with that character until death or stage clear. If you switch out a character with a subweapon, that subweapon will return when you switch back.

  • If a subweapon spawns on the ground but the player switches to another incompatible character with that subweapon, the subweapon will disappear.
Character Sub-weapons
Trevor Dagger Axe Holy Water Cross Stopwatch
Grant Dagger Axe Dagger Axe Stopwatch
Sypha Fire Fire Ice Lightning Stopwatch
Alucard Heart Heart Heart Heart Stopwatch

Item Character Description
Dagger Trevor,
Probably the most common subweapon, this weapon flies straight quickly before striking a target. Though easy to aim with, it's severely underpowered and won't be so great in later stages of the game.
Grant in Japanese version comes with an infinite supply of this weapon, but does not benefit from a Double Shot.
Axe Trevor,
The Axe flies in an upward arc before curving back down, damaging anything that gets in the way. This is a very useful weapon for dealing with flying/overhead enemies, and arguably the best subweapon.
Grant in English versions will drop this straight down while climbing the ceiling, in Japanese version however, he throws his default Dagger while climbing walls or ceilings instead. In both versions, Grant can only have a Double Shot with axe.
Trevor Trevor throws a small vial of water to the ground, which explodes and bursts into flame. It has limited range and isn't too terribly powerful, but it's very useful because of the multi-hit damage it can deal to foes. Tougher foes and even some bosses can be turned into sitting ducks if you use this weapon properly.
Cross Trevor A cross-shaped boomerang. It flies forward for a while before arcing back your way, severely damaging any villain it touches. For dealing with large groups of enemies, and even some bosses, this is a great weapon to have.
All This consumes five hearts per use, but paralyzes all enemies on the screen. Sounds useful, right? Sadly, it doesn't quite live up to the hype. The "stop time" is very short, it doesn't work on bosses, and you're STILL vulnerable to enemies and their projectiles while you use it (if you make contact). There are a few situations where this will be nice to have, but sadly, there just aren't that many of them.
Sypha Sypha lifts her cloak and fires a flaming blast. It has limited range but a ton of power, making it useful against just about any foe, and even a few bosses. It's the Sypha spell you'll encounter the most often, and it's a good one to have.
Sypha Sypha shoots out some ice crystals in a circular pattern. It will paralyze enemies, but it will also freeze raging rivers, allowing you to pass through areas much safer. Frozen enemies can be shattered in one blow, including Blood Skeletons.
Sypha Sypha shoots out three electrically-charged orbs, which seek out and obliterate enemies. Easily her most powerful spell, so if you can find this one, hold on to it.

The Axe, Holy Water and Cross can cause bonus points if a single use of these weapons manages to knock out multiple enemies. The second enemy yields 400 points, the third 700 points, and every one more yields 1,000.