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AQ Interactive
Founded October 1, 2005
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AQ Interactive (AQ stands for Artistic Quality) is a Japanese developer and publisher. AQI is the parent company of the developers Artoon, Cavia, and feelplus, and recently acquired the US publisher XSEED Games. AQI and its subsidiaries produce games under the AQ Interactive name, as well as developing for other publishers such a Microsoft Game Studios and Nintendo.

AQI was founded on October 1, 2005 when Cavia (established March 1, 2000) changed its name and became a holding company responsible for the management of subsidiary companies as well as sales and promotion of game software. The old company's game planning & development business became today's Cavia, inc. which remains a subsidiary of AQI.

It published its first game in November 2005, the Xbox 360 launch title Tetris: The Grand Master ACE.

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