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Another World
The logo for Another World.
Developer(s)Delphine Software International
Publisher(s)Delphine Software International
Year introduced1991

This series is noteworthy first of all because it is the best-selling and top award-winning series of French video games.

The series can be split in two: three "core games" and two "distant sequels".

The three core games (Another World, Flashback, Heart of Darkness) feature many elements in common: same authors, similar gameplay, similar "feeling" to the game. They are considered "spiritual sequels" to each other.

The two distant sequels are direct sequels of two core games, but they have less elements in common with their predecessors. In particular, Heart of the Alien was developed by a completely different team and has a very different feeling to the game. Instead, Fade to Black shares the authors and game feeling of its predecessor, but has a very different gameplay.

Flag of France.svg Original title Localized title Year Author Systems
Another World Out of this World (US) 1991 Flag of France.svg Éric Chahi Globe.svg Amiga, Atari ST,
Ports: MS-DOS, Mac, SNES, SMD, Apple IIGS, 3DO, MS-Win, Jaguar, XB1, PS3, PS4, PSV, Wii U, 3DS, mobile phones
Flashback Flashback: The Quest for Identity (US) 1992 Flag of France.svg Paul Cuisset Globe.svg Amiga, MS-DOS, Acorn, SNES, SMD, 3DO, Mac, Jaguar, mobile phones
Flag of Japan.svg FM Towns
Heart of the Alien - 1994 Flag of the United States.svg Jeremy Barnes Flag of the United States.svg SMD
Fade to Black - 1995 Flag of France.svg Paul Cuisset Globe.svg MS-DOS, PS1,
Flag of the European Union.svg AROS, MorphOS
Heart of Darkness - 1998 Flag of France.svg Éric Chahi Globe.svg PS1, MS-Win

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