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Blitz Games Studios
Blitz Games Studios's company logo.
Founder(s)Andrew and Philip Oliver
WebsiteOfficial site

Blitz Games Studios is a video game developer located in Leamington Spa, United Kingdom. It was founded by the Oliver Twins, Andrew and Philip Oliver, in 1981. They completed their first game in 1984 and started developing titles for video game publisher Codemasters.

The Codemasters publishing relationship led to the origin of the Dizzy series and the Simulator series. Whilst with Codemasters, they were responsible for over 10 UK number one best sellers and over 3 million sales. In 1986, it was reported that an estimated 7% of all UK games sales were attributable to the Oliver Twins.

The Olivers have diversified the company’s main activities and Blitz Games Studios now represents five different divisions.


  • Blitz Games: Creates the games that the company originally became well known for: family titles, often licensed on popular characters and existing IP.
  • Blitz Arcade: This is the division that creates downloadable games. Its first release was an advergame series created for the US Burger King chain. Since then, Blitz Arcade has turned its focus to downloadable titles and has had success with its first game of this type: SpongeBob Squarepants – Underpants Slam.
  • Volatile Games: Responsible for the company’s mature games. Video games created by this division include Reservoir Dogs, runner up in the 2006 BAFTA awards for best sound track. Despite allowing the player to complete the game without firing a single shot, the game was considered so realistic in its depictions of violence that it was banned in Australia.
  • TruSim: Blitz Games Studios "serious games" division. It is best know for its work on medical-related training programs including the award-winning Interactive Trauma Trainer.
  • BlitzTech: Creates and licenses in-house game development technology.


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