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Bloody Roar
Developer(s)Hudson Soft, Eighting
Publisher(s)Virgin Interactive, Sony Computer Entertainment, Hudson Soft, Activision, Konami
Year introduced1997

{{nihongo|Bloody Roar|ブラッディロア"" is a series of fighting games created by Hudson Soft and developed with Eighting. The series began as an Arcade game in 1997 under the name Beastorizer. The game's theme incorporated anthropomorphism, where the player has the ability to transform into a half-human, half-animal creature known as a Zoanthrope (the name came from the clinical term, 'zoanthropy', which is similar to that of lycanthropy, but not just with the mind-set of a wolf). The game would appear under the name Bloody Roar when ported to the PlayStation in 1998, which would become the permanent title thereafter. There are three sequels, plus a game based on a sidestory set between 3 and 4 on the Nintendo GameCube and which was later ported to the Xbox.


Title Year Platforms
Beastorizer/Bloody Roar/Bloody Roar: Hyper Beast Duel 1997 Arcade, PlayStation
Bloody Roar 2 1999 Arcade, PlayStation
Bloody Roar 3 2000 Arcade, PlayStation 2
Bloody Roar: Primal Fury/Bloody Roar Extreme 2002 GameCube, Xbox
Bloody Roar 4 2003 PlayStation 2

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