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Capcom Play System Changer
The console image for Capcom Play System Changer.
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The Capcom Play System Changer (abbreviated as CPS Changer) or as Capcom Power System Changer is the first and only Capcom console released in 1994 as a 16-bit home console, which competed with the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo and was an answer to the SNK's Neo Geo AES.

Launched in 1994 in Japan, the console offered a way to run games made for Capcom's CPS1 arcade board, used in company titles such as Final Fight, Street Fighter II, and Mercs. The inspiration for creating the CPS Changer most likely came from rival SNK and its Neo Geo video game, which made it possible to play the company's arcade titles at home.

Unfortunately, it was a commercial failure due to only being announced in Japanese magazines and sold at 39,800 yen, which was 1480$ in actual value, and additional games make the console sell at a salt price, the international releases were reincarnated and the console is a rarity.

Only 11 titles were released to the system, the last of which was from the CPS2, Street Fighter Zero.

To connect the CPS Changer and your cartridge to your TV, you must connect the CPS Changer (which is a controller) to the cartridge and connect the cartridge to the TV. SNES controllers were also directly compatible, and could be used.

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