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The logo for Contra.
Year introduced1987

Contra games are developed and produced by Konami (except for the two PlayStation titles). Before the PlayStation era of Contra games, it went under the title Probotector in Europe. Legacy of War was the first 3D Contra game, and two of the three sequels (The Contra Adventure and Neo Contra) were as well. Shattered Soldier returned to the series' 2D roots, and is generally considered to be the most difficult game in the series.

Contra Force, Legacy of War, and The Contra Adventure have been retconned out of the official chronology. Contra Force was orginally intended to be called Arc Hound and have nothing to do with the Contra series, but Konami rebranded the game for better sales (similar to what Nintendo did with Super Mario Bros. 2), and Legacy of War, and The Contra Adventure were created by Appaloosa Interactive, not Konami.

Contra games[edit]

The original Contra was first released as a coin-operated arcade game in 1987, which was followed by a single sequel in 1988 titled Super Contra. The original game was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988, where it achieved a large following. Since then, all of the sequels were produced specifically for the home console market, beginning with Super C in 1990 (the NES adaptation of Super Contra). In most of the games the player takes control of a lone commando who must thwart off alien invaders plotting to conquer the Earth (although some games deviate from this basic premise such as Contra Force). With only a few exceptions, all of the Contra games features a two players cooperative mode.

Game US name EU name JP name Consoles
Contra Contra Gryzor (Arcade)
Probotector (NES)
魂斗羅 Arcade, ported to the NES, MSX, and Commodore 64/128.
Super Contra Super Contra (Arcade)
Super C (NES)
Super Contra (Arcade)
Probotector 2: Return of the Evil Forces (NES)(AU too)
Super Contra (Arcade) Arcade and NES.
Operation C Operation C Probotector コントラ (Contra) Game Boy
Contra III/Contra 3 Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES)
Contra: The Alien Wars (Game Boy)
Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX (Game Boy Advance)
Super Probotector: Alien Rebels (SNES)
Probotector 2 (Game Boy)
Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX (Game Boy Advance)
Contra Spirits (SNES)
Contra Spirits (Game Boy)
Contra: Hard Spirits (Game Boy Advance)
SNES, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance.
Contra Force Contra Force N/A N/A NES
Contra: Hard Corps Contra: Hard Corps Probotector 魂斗羅 ザ・ハードコア (Contra: The Hard Corps) Sega Genesis
Contra: Legacy of War Contra: Legacy of War Contra: Legacy of War N/A PlayStation and Sega Saturn
C: The Contra Adventure C: The Contra Adventure N/A N/A PlayStation
Contra: Shattered Soldier Contra: Shattered Soldier Contra: Shattered Soldier 真魂斗羅 (Shin Contra) PlayStation 2
Neo Contra Neo Contra Neo Contra ネオコントラ (Neo Contra) PS2
Contra 4 Contra 4 N/A Contra Dual Spirits Nintendo DS
Contra ReBirth Contra ReBirth Contra ReBirth 魂斗羅リバース (Contra ReBirth​) WiiWare