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Count Duckula
The logo for Count Duckula.
Developer(s)Enigma Variations, The Conversion Company
Publisher(s)Alternative Software
Year introduced1989

Count Duckula is series of two platform games that were developed by Enigma Variations (first) and The Conversion Company (second) for Alternative Software and released on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga in 1989 and 1992; they are based upon the Cosgrove-Hall, Carlos Alfonso Studios and Thames Television animated series of the same name, which in turn was a spin-off from Danger Mouse (the character had also previously appeared in his original form for the second game in the DM series, Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau, in 1984).

  • Count Duckula in No Sax Please, We're Egyptian (1989): The inceptive title in the series was based on the show's first episode, and saw Duckula teleporting to Egypt to search the Great Pyramid for the mystic saxophone of the Pharaoh Zooten-Simoon XVII while avoiding mummies, bats, stone slabs, and the Crow Brothers who were climbing the wall of the castle when it teleported; the Amiga version also incorporated an extra "snap" game.
  • Count Duckula 2 Featuring Tremendous Terence (1992): The second and last title in the series was released three years after the original, about the time Duckula and his servants made their last appearance in Bunglers in Crime; the story for this game was very loosely based upon the show's fourteenth episode "The Vampire Strikes Back" and the ZX Spectrum version of it was voted as the "Number One Worst Speccy Game Of All Time".

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