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The logo for Dragonlance.
Developer(s)U.S. Gold, Strategic Simulations, Westwood Studios
Publisher(s)Strategic Simulations
Year introduced1988
Genre(s)Action, role-playing, strategy
Parent seriesDungeons & Dragons

The Dragonlance games can be divided in three sets:

  1. The Silver Box trilogy is an adaptation of the events in the first four Dragonlance role-playing modules, at the beginning of the War of the Lance. They are not role-playing games, though (they are two action-platformers and one strategy game).
  2. War of the Lance and the two DragonStrike are set during the second part of the war, and they all end with the conclusion of the conflict, but their plot is independent from the novels.
  3. The Gold Box trilogy is set after said war and novels, but it still features many of the characters.
Chronology & plot
Silver Box trilogy
(war beginning)
Gold Box trilogy
(after the war)
1988 Heroes of the Lance - -
1989 Dragons of Flame War of the Lance -
1990 - Dragon Strike Champions of Krynn
1991 Shadow Sorcerer - Death Knights of Krynn
1992 - Dragon Strike (NES) The Dark Queen of Krynn

Game list[edit]

In the following table, the Platforms column only lists the recurring ones. For every game, the most advanced port is highlighted.

Title Year Genre Developer Platforms
Heroes of the Lance 1988 Action: platform (Silver Box) U.S. Gold MS-DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, C64, NES, SMS (+6)
Dragons of Flame 1989 Action: platform (Silver Box) U.S. Gold MS-DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, C64, NES, (+2)
Shadow Sorcerer 1991 Strategy: real-time (Silver Box) U.S. Gold MS-DOS, Amiga, Atari ST
War of the Lance 1989 Strategy: turn-based SSI MS-DOS, C64, (1 more)
DragonStrike 1990 Action/shooter: first person Westwood MS-DOS, Amiga, C64, (1 more)
Champions of Krynn 1990 Role-playing (Gold Box) SSI MS-DOS, Amiga, C64, (1 more)
Death Knights of Krynn 1991 Role-playing (Gold Box) SSI MS-DOS, Amiga, C64, (1 more)
The Death Queen of Krynn 1992 Role-playing (Gold Box) SSI MS-DOS, Amiga, (1 more)
DragonStrike (NES) 1992 Action/shooter: scrolling FCI NES.

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